Thursday, February 9, 2023

Thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday, friends! Rebecca Jo and I are back with another installment of Thankful Thursday. I'm so glad you're here, and that you're linking up. If you do link up, don't forget to visit the other blogs and leave some comment love for them. 

I am so thankful that on Monday night, we had a big family style dinner! It's the first time in AGES since we've all been under the same roof in one night. I say this, but Noah was still working when we ate, though he did come home later for dinner. 

It was Graham, Drew, Jonah, Noah, Drew's roommate Zack, Todd and me. We had salmon, rice, and roasted broccoli. Drew's other roommate Sam was supposed to come, but he wasn't able to at the last minute. It thrilled me to see Zack...he is the son of my friend Kari who died a few years ago. Drew and Zack were best friends at one point in middle school, and either Zack was at my house, or my boys were at Kari's. They grew apart, as friends do sometimes, so when they got back in touch a couple of years ago, it resulted in them asking if Drew wanted to become their roommate. Kari would love to know they were friends again, if she was still alive. After they left here on Monday night, they were going to a college event at a big church in our area. I was so proud of them for doing that! 

On a lighter note, I am thankful for delicious and healthy treats like these protein bites that my friend Kim gave me the recipe for.

They are delicious! 

I am thankful for the gift of prayer and for being able to pray for friends, and even just the people who are acquaintances that I don't know very well. A friend from church has a son who was in a very bad wreck when the roads were icy last week. I don't know her well at all, and though my youngest sons were friends with him at one point, they eventually grew apart as they got older. Even so, the young man has been at our house a few times, and I cannot stop thinking about him and his mom. His mom is single and has been going at this alone with the exception of her parents and some of her friends. I keep waking up early with both of them on my mind. I cannot imagine the horror that phone call to her must have been.

I sent her this verse, because it reminded me of what she has ahead of her and that she will need to lean on the Lord for the days to come. Her son has a very long and painful road ahead of him as well, because he had so many broken bones. Praise God he will be okay, when it's all over and done with! He's already had multiple surgeries and has some more ahead of him in the days to come. 

On a much lighter note, I am thankful for Fridays and Sonic drinks from the PTA. A diet Coke never tasted so good as this one did last Friday! We have more treats coming on Wednesday, also from the PTA. How sweet is that?! 

I am thankful for the gift of godly friends, like this one that I co-hosted a baby shower with last weekend...

...and the one I had dinner with on Tuesday night, my friend Christa.

This is an old picture of us, but we're still exactly the same and could talk for hours.

I am so thankful for the times when I get to help lead worship at church. 

And I am thankful for my church family. They are just that—family. They're my people and I love being among them and in their presence.

This was just taken on Sunday. I love seeing a room full of people and my boy Jonah is right there in the middle in his teal colored Under Armor hoodie and jeans.

Tell me one thing you're thankful for this week! I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all.

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Holly said...

Your church is so lucky to have you- you are a beautiful soul and one that always carries the "good news" for sure XO

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Holly, I feel the same about them and how fortunate I am to have them in my life! Thank you for those sweet's all Jesus and about what He did in my life. I hope you have the best day, my friend!

Marti said...

What a great list to be thankful for. You are such a pretty lady, your joy shines through your post and I'm sure it is evident to everyone near you.

Are you a teacher? I had to chuckle about being thankful for diet Coke. But I have been thankful for the caffeinated power of Pepsi several times this week, so I understand.

Tanya said...

Loved hearing about all that you're thankful for. What a great picture at church with Jonah there.

Cathy said...

I enjoyed reading what you are thankful for this week. I was very late writing my post, but I've got it up now. Friends are so important. In my post I wrote about the friends I am learning in the crochet group. I am enjoying getting to know them. I'm so glad you have friends and church families are really awesome too. Yours is a big family and ours is very small, but they are so important in our lives. Take care and I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you, Cathy! I'm so glad you linked up with us again this week. I know exactly what you are saying, both about friends and church family. I hope your week has been good, my friend!

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