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Currently, February 2023


Happy Wednesday, friends and happy February! I am so glad you're here to talk about what you're currently Loving, Feeling, Posting, Receiving, and Seeing. I'm jumping right in with my post!  

Loving: Lots of things!

I'm loving being back in a school environment. I had forgotten how funny kids are, and I've already come home telling stories of what some of them have said to me. Out of the mouths of babes! 

I'm loving my husband's new truck! I went to work on Wednesday and he came home later that day with this. He texted me about it while I was at work, but I stay so busy there that I barely have time to glance at my phone. 

On a frivolous note, I'm loving my newest color of nails. I had black before this, so I'm loving seeing the bright color. Magenta is one of my favorite colors right now! I said the same thing yesterday when I shared my Sunday outfit from church.

I'm loving planning our upcoming trip to Louisville with my husband!

And I'm loving the little bits of Valentine's day décor I have around our home. 

Feeling: I'm feeling excited for the new week. It's currently Sunday night as I write this, so I am looking forward to my week at work. I'm also feeling thankful that so far, I am making it through and figuring things out as I adjust to working full time outside of our home. I don't mean to sound redundant by saying that repeatedly, but it's a true statement. I've been able to figure out that it works best for me to get up and get dressed immediately. This allows me time to sit and have a relaxing morning before going to work. I have figured out that prep work the night before is key to saving my sanity! I did a lot of prep work on Sunday after I got home from church. I've also figured out that I am able to keep up with things around the house by doing a lot after I get home each day. I always come home and catch up on laundry, vacuuming, dusting (the living room and our bedroom), and then I start working on finishing up dinner. The Lord is faithful to help me do these things! This reminds me of a verse I love—Hebrews 10:23.

Posting: I've been posting pictures from my quiet time lately. 

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Seeing: I've been seeing beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and cumulus clouds!

Receiving: I have been receiving such lovely and welcoming words of encouragement from people I work with! With the exception of being in a church environment, the school I work at is the most loving and godly place I've been in a long time. You have no idea what this means to my heart, and I consider it a kiss from the King, as my Kari would say. 

What's something you've been loving, posting, feeling, seeing, and receiving? I'd love to hear from you! Before you go, I want to encourage you to come to my blog often, because I post almost everyday. I love meeting new friends...and speaking of that, don't forget to visit and comment the other posts in the link party. Who doesn't love some comments on their blogs? I know I do, and I'm sure you do as well! Thank you for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 🖤 

*The topics for March will be what we're currently loving, starting, finishing, trying, and (where we're ) going. *April will be what we're currently loving, hoping, playing, needing, and feeling.

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Mandy said…
I am so glad to hear things are going well at the new job! Schools can be such a great place to work in. The kids are certainly special! Hubby picked a beautiful new truck! And I do love your magenta nails! Such a beautiful color! Hope you are staying warm during this ice event!
I decided not to do Currently this month because I wanted to post my spending diary and I had just done share four somethings and what's up wed. I didn't have much new to say!
I am so happy that you are already loving the school environment. I can't believe you have that much energy after school but I think that is key to freeing up weekends. My cleaning schedule is working great and I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up my routine.
I have my list of stuff for you in Lou. The only thing that might require advance is a reservation at Bodeguita de Mima on Open Table.
When you are ready to chat, we can do so over IG, I guess or we can talk on the phone if you don't think that is weird! Our weather can vary so much in March but I hope you get spring like weather!
Ruth said…
Kids say the funniest and cutest things! I was just telling my husband about a few things I heard over the last couple of days. The sunrises and sunsets look so beautiful!
Maria Rineer said…
I like your husband's new truck. My dad bought a red pickup truck (a Chevy) the year I was born and drove it until he could no longer drive (unfortunately only twelve years from when he got it). My oldest brother drove it when he got his license. I can't see a red pick up truck and not think of that truck ;). I'm glad you're enjoying working so much!
Natasha said…
Oh, I'm so glad to hear work is going so well. That's is amazing and it sounds like you have a really good routine going too, to manage all the work and home stuff. And your pictures of the sky are beautiful and I LOVE your nail colour!
Memphis Bridges said…
Thanks for hosting and so glad to hear the job is going well! Yay for Valentine decor and a day at home!
Laura B said…
I love your pretty new nail color and cute Valentine's Day touches around your home!
Thank you, Mandy! I love his truck. I am looking forward to our date night in it this weekend! I have sat inside of it, but I haven't really ridden in it yet. With my work and then with him working all weekend long, we never got time to do that together. I have big plans to do not much of anything today, other than read and the light cleaning I do everyday.
Amy, I totally understand! Some of what I said was the same from other posts. Girl. I can't believe I have that much energy after work either! There was one day (Wednesday) that I was falling asleep at 7:30 that night, but it's been okay ever since. I am so glad your cleaning schedule is working for you! I think whatever helps is great. I am all about that! I don't think it's weird to chat! I'll head to Instagram and message you my #. Thanks for doing that for me! You're the best!
Kristin said…
My husband once facetimed me and said hey, here's my new truck. lol

Glad work is going well. I really miss working outside the home but, you're right, the prep work for that is intense!
Thanks, Ruth! And you are so right. I need to write things down before I forget them. One little boy kept wanting to know my age. When I finally told him (I'm 46), he gasped and said, "My Grandma is 54!" 🤣
Thanks, Maria! I love your story about your dad's red truck. Isn't it funny what makes us recall things to mind when we something nostalgic?
Thank you, Natasha! So far so good, and I hope to keep it up. I go to bed early, which is another key in how my next day starts. I'm in bed at 9:30 at the latest each night, so it helps to have plenty of rest.
Holly said…
So happy to hear things are going well with your new job- there was no doubt!
Marilyn, I'm glad to host this each month! It's my favorite link party, with great participation, so I know I'm not alone. Yay for fun décor and ice days at home!
Kristin, that is hilarious! That's pretty much what mine did...I had no idea all that went on that day. You are so right about the prep work being intense, but I'm glad I did it, since it saved so much time for me on Monday morning. Maybe someday you can return to working outside of your home...I know you're doing the best thing for now, though!
Thank you so much, Holly! You are the sweetest encourager to me, my friend. 🖤
I love seeing sunrises and sunsets!
Me too, Dara, especially in the winter. It always seems like they're even more beautiful.
Beautiful nails! And I love that your job is going well and you're enjoying working with the kids. :)

Lauren @
Debbie said…
So glad your job is going great! And I can't believe you're still cleaning afterwards! When we were growing up, my mom always worked and so Saturdays were a chore day. We couldn't do anything until all the chores were done. So for the longest time, I thought that's what Saturdays were for!

Your husband's new truck is spiffy :) Oh, to count the trucks that have gone through my husband's life!

Thanks, Debbie! Truthfully, I can't believe that either, but I can tell you that I feel like it's an answer to prayer. The Lord has really been helping me with figuring things out and when to do what. I am so thankful for that!

I love his truck too, but thanks for that! We will be taking it this weekend on our Saturday date night. I'm excited to ride in it for the first official time! The last week has been a whirlwind for all of us. 😉
Tanya said…
Your husband's new truck...what a fun surprise. Thanks for hosting this fun link up!
Tanya, it WAS a nice surprise! This is his work vehicle/personal vehicle all wrapped up in one. Graham, our oldest son who works with him, will get his old truck for a "new" work vehicle, and Jonah (our other son who works with him) will get Graham's old work vehicle as his "new" work vehicle.

That seemed confusing, but hopefully it made sense. 🤣
Kym said…
I'm so glad you're loving your job and receiving all those words of encouragement there! That's always so special. Thanks for hosting this link-up!
Thank you, Kym! I am so glad to do this, because all of us love it so much. It's definitely one of my favorite link parties out there, and always has been!
Cathy said…
So glad you are enjoying your new job at school. That's a beautiful truck you husband got. I enjoyed the pictures of your Valentine decorations and Psalms 36:5 is a great verse. I also love your pictures of sunrise and sunset. So beautiful.
I just discovered this link up from some bloggers I follow. This looks like an interesting link up. Do you do Currently link up the first day of the month? Thanks.
Thank you, Cathy! I hope your week has been great, my friend. 🖤
Hello, Julie, and welcome! I'm so glad you found me through your friends. The currently link party takes place on the first Wednesday of each month. You're welcome to join in at any time! I keep the link open almost all month long. I hope you join us sometime!
I would be loving that new truck too!! And those sunrise pictures :) I am not usually up for sunrise, but caught a beautiful one in Park City this month because the time change actually had me up early enough to go sit and enjoy watching it come up over the mountains. Made me think I may need to be better about trying to catch them at home too!
Thank you so much for hosting this! I've followed along for quite some time, but this is my first time joining in - can't wait to do more!
Wendy said…
I love your Valentine's decor! I put up just a few things, but they make a difference. Thanks for keeping the link open; I hope to be more timely next month. :-)
I love the pretty sunrises and sunsets. Thanks for hosting this fun link up. It's my first time here. I hope you have a nice week.

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