Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm linking up with Sheaffer and Shay for this blog post.

I'll jump right in!

What we're eating this week:

Well, I wrote about this yesterday, so scroll past this post and you can read it. 

What I'm reminiscing about:

Staying all bundled up and cozy inside while the snow was outside. Now, I didn't say that I miss this, but that I'm just reminiscing about it—it was INCREDIBLE to see all that snow on the ground. It hasn't snowed that much here since the mid ninetine eighties.

What I'm loving:

ROUTINE! I have a routine each week and I really like when it all goes as normal.

What we've been up to:

Nothing new and exciting, but everyone is back to coming and going lots, as usual.

What I'm dreading:

Well, I was dreading waking up to take care of all the dogs alone this morning, but I did it and it wasn't bad! Crash had surgery on Monday to repair his first torn ACL and for two weeks he has to wear a plush donut thing to keep him from messing with his stitches, and for FIVE WEEKS he has to live in a large kennel with a cozy bed inside. He has to have help going down and up the stairs to go outside, so we have to lift his back end with a towel under his legs, then he has to stay on a leash the whole time as well. He absolutely cannot run and jump, hence the leash. It'll all be worth it when it's all over and done with.

What I'm working on:

I'm still in the process of co-writing our next women's Bible study for church. I need to get back to it this week!

What I'm excited about:

I have a fun day trip coming up in the spring with two of my dearest friends and I'm so excited! I also have a trip to North Carolina coming up with the other ladies on our writing team and I'm looking forward to it just as much. It'll be fun to escape to the mountains together for a retreat.

What I'm watching and reading:

I'm watching all The Pioneer Woman shows I missed over the last year. Who knew I'd missed so many? Also, I'm watching This Is Us, The Good Doctor and The Resident. Todd and I started the latest season of The Amazing Race last week too and we need to finish Cobra Kai.

I'm reading this and am almost finished:

This is my first book by this author and it is GOOD! 

What I'm listening to

I always listen to worship music, but I also love some good and seasonal playlists. I follow a few people on Spotify who are good at making them and they're all a good blend of styles. I also love my eighties love songs playlist. 

What I'm wearing:

Oh, the usual—leggings with a long shirt or poncho, or comfy clothes while I'm at home. I'm ready for spring! Also, I need some pants and need to shop for them soon. I need new jeans and I'd like a couple of pairs of new jeans for spring and summer.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Going out with my mom and sister on Saturday, hopefully! I missed doing that last week and want to see them so bad. Also, I'm sure my hubby will work, so I foresee a lot of movies and reading. I also always look forward to church on Sunday!

What I'm looking forward to in March:

It's the start of birthday season! Jonah and Noah turn EIGHTEEN on the tenth, Graham will be twenty two on the eleventh, Drew turns twenty one on April third and there are a slew of other family birthdays as well. 

I think that just about sums it all up and there's nothing else I didn't already mention. Thanks for reading along! Love to all. 


Memphis Bridges said...

The snow was so pretty and yay for routine! I feel you on that one. Sounds like a lot of fun celebrations coming up for your boys! I bet that was especially busy when they were little.

Valerie said...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE it...18. 21 and 22. WHAT?! Alex will be 18 in November!! This is nuts!!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

It was crazy town when they were young! It's easier now that we can just combine them. 😂

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I know! It has gone by so fast.

Joanne said...

Oh my goodness; you are going to busy with birthdays!

Bri Runde said...

I'm a big routine fan too!! Things have felt a little more fast-paced over here lately, and I am missing the slow days of our normal routine.

Natasha said...

March is the start of birthday season for us too. It's such a crazy time! And yay for routine! I love a good routine.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Right?! You see why we call it birthday season. 💙

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I totally feel that statement, Bri. I am fine with no routine for a bit, but not for too long. I'm very structured and basically no fun. 😂

Jennifer Goodwin said...

That's fun, Natasha! Thanks for stopping by!

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