Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Prime Purchases


I'm joining in with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road again today, for her monthly link-up all about Amazon Prime purchases. It's surprisingly fun to read about what other people buy from Amazon.

Most recently, this arrived on our doorstop.

Several of the guys in our home love this shampoo and conditioner in one. I love it too, if I'm stopped up because of sinuses or if my hair feels extra dirty. This is a fortifying shampoo, which means it smells minty and that it tingles. This is one of the things I subscribed (and saved money on) to, so it'll start arriving every eight weeks. I do this with my shampoo and conditioner too, and mine arrived just in the nick of time last week.

A friend of mine hosted an online baby shower for some foster families in Memphis, so I purchased some fun things for babies! These silicone pacifiers, these little footed onesies, and this sweet little book.

I was in need of a new shirt to wear around the house, so I ordered similar to this, but in black.

I ordered it oversized, because I wasn't sure if it would shrink and because I like big and roomy. Here it is on Amazon.

I ordered this primer to mix in with my foundation and also subscribed to it every eight weeks.

I love this stuff and in the summer months, I use it alone. I use this with Maybelline Fit Me  foundation. I use tiny amounts of both because I hate the caked on feeling. Along with the primer, I ordered some mascara in a different brand from what I normally buy. This brand has great reviews and I will start using it as soon as my old mascara is gone.

My advice to you for buying mascara is to always order the blackest black, no matter your hair color.

Last up on my list is something so fun! Thanks to Cassie Sugarplum, I have discovered shoulder bag straps on Amazon and ordered this one a few weeks ago.

This is the second one I've bought. My other one is red and green, like a Gucci strap and is so cute with a brown bag. My advice for this is to make sure the metals match—what is on the strap and what is on your existing purse. My second purse had a detachable strap on it with this same type of clasp you see on this one above. The first purse I had, my husband actually cut the strap off. I was okay with it because I never would have used it otherwise, it was too short for me to wear as a crossbody. Just make sure about the metals and you may want to make sure your purse has a detachable strap. 

This was a fun post to write! I'll do this again next month. Thanks for reading, friends. Love to all. 


Jennifer said...

My two cents worth - best mascara ever! Its the only one I use. And I agree...the blackest black. Always:) Happy Tuesday!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Since I wrote this, I tried the mascara this morning, and I wholeheartedly agree! I'll be using this one from now on, it's far better than the old pink and green tube I have used for years. I love the brush...that makes a huge difference.

Thanks for the comment love! Happy Tuesday to you!

Tanya said...

That mascara is the one I always go back to when I get tired of trying the newest, latest and greatest. I love the purse strap, and never thought of just cutting the strap off! I hate the thin straps on some of my crossbodies. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I don't know how I've missed out on this mascara! Better late than never, I suppose. ;) I love these purse straps, there are a million different prints! Thanks for hosting this, it was a fun post.

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