Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

I am friends on facebook with my most favorite (for the moment) Christian fiction author.  Karen Kingsbury.  Her youngest son had his very last little league game a few weeks ago.  And she was writing about the day he was born, in awe of how fast the time had flown by.

It is doing that for me, too.  For all of us moms.  My most favorite book that I own is one written by Karen, called Let Me Hold You Longer. 

It changed the way I view my life as a mom.  I'm going to post a trailer to the book below: it's about six minutes, but you get what I'm talking about through the trailer for the book.  And the voice you hear reading the book is Karen Kingsbury.

Tonight was that for me...another baseball season gone by.  We don't do competitive sports, we don't do town recreational sports, but we do church recreational sports.  The games are much more laid back, more friendly, and the atmosphere is one I love.  Tonight was Jonah's and Noah's last game of their second year playing coach pitch.  They'll have one more year of this sport (if they choose to play it again next Spring), and then it will be on to fourth/fifth grade baseball. 

When did they become old enough for me to be talking about this?  I blinked...and time ran away from me. 

I need to remember to slow down and to enjoy the "now" that I'm in.  Whether the "now" is in some quality family time spent at home, or a quick conversation on the way from point A to point B.  I need to remember to listen...not to just hear, but to listen to what they're saying.  I need to remember to embrace special moments...like when Jonah asked me to dance with him Saturday night.  I need to remember to be excited for them....like when they catch a fly ball or when they get someone out at first (several times). 

And yes, I was talking about Jonah in that last sentence. 

I know that, all too soon, these days will come to an end.  I want to embrace each and every second that God blesses me with the gift of these precious children.  I want them to look back on their childhoods and remember great times.  Not how clean I kept the house, or how fashionably I was dressed.  (Although, I just may want them to remember the funky colors I liked to paint on my toes!)  I pray that they will have happy memories.

If that means having friends over nonstop, then so be it.  I pray that I'm helping create fun times for them. 

Well...speaking of them and friends...I'm about to head upstairs for the night and make sure they're all cozy and tucked in.  Love to all. 

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