Monday, April 25, 2011

Seeing God in the Middle of Thunderstorms

I mean that literally and figuratively.  Literally, because today a tornado was spotted in The Ville.  I spent an entire hour praying and quoting Scripture in my head while consoling and fanning off kindergarten babies.  It was pitiful.  But our God is a protector and a shield...and all was well.  (I was quoting Psalm 91:2, 4)

Figuratively, because I can see God's hand in the decision I wrote about yesterday.  I keep getting confirmation after confirmation that we have made the right decision.  I often get overwhelmed at God's goodness...and how He cares for every little detail of our lives. 

So...other than the crazy weather, it's been a great day.  I'm so much better today than I was last night.  I am also very excited about Wednesday are my kids.  We can't wait to give the new church its first try.  If you're looking for something to pray for, just pray that we will have a very easy (and welcoming) transition.  I would so appreciate it!

Well...I suppose my maid is running late again.  I guess that means I'd better to prepare whatever it was she was going to make for dinner.  :)  Love to all. 

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