Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Again...

Wow.  That is all I can say.  We had a whirlwind weekend away with Graham's and Drew's lacrosse team.  We had a tournament in Nashville (well, near it, I should say) and they played four games in two days.  In the beautiful, brutal sunshine.  I am so thankful for how amazing the weather was, but I was searching high and low for little slivers of shade everywhere we went.  I took a bath in sunscreen both days, and thankfully I'm not burned.  Neither are Drew, Jonah or Noah.  The other two are really red on the backs of their necks.  Rednecks.  Imagine that. 

The Dragons played their hardest, but it wasn't meant for us to win a game this weekend.  Or this season.  We're a new team of 5/6 grade boys, and usually when that happens it means lots of losses.  It's okay, though, it's a great learning experience for them all and even if they're losing, they are having a blast playing their little hearts out.  Most of them are like that.  A couple of the boys need a talking-to by their parents, but thankfully the rest of the team is in good spirits. 

Our Mom's In Touch meeting today is so important for our kiddos.  TCAP's happen this week.  This is such a stressful week for everyone who works in a school...administrators, teachers, doesn't effect me so much, but it sure does everyone else.  Even if you can't come to our MIT meeting this morning, will you please pray for these kids and schools with us?  They could surely use it.  I talked with one of the LAX moms this weekend who teaches 7th grade, and was so inspired by her.  She told me that the entire time her kids take the test, she walks around the room praying for them.  I love knowing there are people there like her...who really love the kids and take the time to pray for them as they test. 

So that's what's on my heart for this week.  I'm thankful we're having an easy week (aside from TCAP).  No homework for anybody, no practice for tonight (our coach had pity on the team and canceled tonight's practice), and just not much going on.  I will be so thankful when this week is over...because after all the testing that takes place, time flies for the remainder of the school year.  I'm sad about not praying with my MIT mom's, though...very sad.  I look forward to this day so much every week that I will be sad to break for summer. 

Well, I need to get started on my day...hope all of you have a blessed day and week.  Love to all. 

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