Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I cannot believe it's Thursday.  I had such high hopes of getting so much done this week, but it hasn't happened.  I guess I need to kick it in gear, though, because today I have to get it all done.  Or most of it.  After I meet my girlfriend for breakfast.  ;)  Hey, it's all about priorities, right?

We're leaving to go out of town for the weekend tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure we're checking the kids out of school early so we can get a head start.  I have snacks and drinks to buy (this afternoon), I have a lacrosse game to attend tonight, Jonah and Noah have their first baseball tonight, I have dinner to think about (probably bowls of cereal), laundry to do, and bags to pack. 

And it all needs to be finished by tomorrow when I leave for work.  My plans are to check out the kids at two and have everything ready to load.  That means it all needs to be downstairs either by tonight of in the morning.  And just a little sidenote here, yes, I am like a drill sergeant when it comes to traveling with 4 kids.  Hopefully we will be on the road by three...those are my intentions, I just need to make sure the hubs is on the same page.  :)

So...with all that I could be doing, here I sit.  I've missed writing this week, and I know I did the one post yesterday, but this is truly an outlet for me.  It's been a great week for us.  It's been really quick, which is always nice.  The boys are excited about seeing our Nashville family tomorrow night.  We're staying with Todd's brother Tim, his wife Tracy, and their 2 boys Nathan and Joseph.  They especially love seeing their cousins. 

Well, I need to get off and go do something productive.  Have a wonderful, blessed Thursday.  Love to all!

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