Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jonah and Noah!!!

I took a really cute picture of them this morning, but for some crazy reason, this blog won't allow me to put it on here.  I don't know why.  Anyway...this one was from a month or so ago, on one of our many snow days.  

Happy birthday to my sweet twins!  It's been a great day for them, and I am pretty sure they have been made to feel very special and loved.  

I thought I would share some fun twin facts.  For all you singleton's out there.  ;)

hardly ever fight

literally feel the pain and happiness of each other

are known to take a third child down if the need arises (only if another child is messing with one of them)

are always best friends

there is always a leader and a follower (and in case you can't figure it out, Jonah is the leader of them)

sometimes just feel the need to love on each other and will spontaneously show their affection
do NOT like to dress alike once they're past a certain age

never outgrow sharing a room

take showers together for a very long time (mine still do, at least)

never outgrow trying to scheme up ways to sleep with each other

don't always like doing the same thing or playing the same sport, but sometimes try to coerce the other one into thinking that maybe they should, after all (I'm sure you cannot imagine anyone doing that in my house, right??)

This is about all I have time for...I have to leave to go pick up Graham and Drew from Lacrosse practice.  And then we have to eat and clean up a little bit, and then the fam is all coming over for birthday cake!  Jonah and Noah have had an amazing day and have felt so loved and special all day long.  I have amazing friends who wished them well on facebook this morning, and the majority of the school knew it was their birthday, as well.  Just think...we get to start all over tomorrow with Graham!

Love to all!

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