Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Under Construction...

I was tired of all the fuss on my blog.  So, please excuse it while it's under construction.  And if you're reading this on facebook, go to my actual blog to see what I mean.

So tonight I did my civic church duty.  I attended (well, kind of) our annual church's business meeting.  I say kind of because though I was there, I was in the video room with my hubby.  And seventeen other people.  Not really.  Although it did start getting pretty warm up in there!  And the room is small.  I was shocked that we finished as fast as we did.  Of course it took sweet forever trying to convince 5 kids to walk out of the all-amazing church gym.  We pretty much got kicked out.  Not really...but I was glad they started asking the kids to wrap it up.  I hate being the bearer of bad news.

Anyway.  It's raining here.  It's been thinking about it all day and it would randomly start pouring at the weirdest times.  The boys all got drenched one time b/c it came out of nowhere.  The fun time comes tomorrow, when we're expecting the fun weather.  And yes, that is supposed to be read with a sarcastic tone to it. 

Well...that's about it.  Not much going on today in my life.  I'm drawing a blank on what else I can write, so I'm going to turn in for the night.  I have a good new book I'm reading.  I took Jonah and Noah to the library yesterday for about 30 minutes of bliss for me.  I love that place.  I could stay in there for hours.  Nothing new there, right?

Good night.  Love to all. 

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