Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

It's Monday and we are out on break!  After church last night, some of our best friends invited us over to their house for food and games.  I called it our revamped Taco Night.  It was great fun...we had the best nacho's ever (some of us had barbecue nacho's) and we learned a new game...Skipbo.  It turns out that I already knew that game...I played it with my friend Beth and her sisters when we visited them in Tampa a couple years ago.  It's a lot of fun...and it's one that we can all play.

So...if we don't have it already, guess what I'm going to buy today?!?!

We were at their house until after midnight.  We had to stay extra late because the season premier of The Amazing Race started last night and it wasn't set up to record on our DVR.  Luckily, Brad and Marcia recorded it.  So we watched it with them.  We got home close to one a.m.  And 3 out of my 4 boys are still snoozing away upstairs.  :)  Lol...I am about to go wake them up.  Warm weather and sunny daylight is a-wastin'!

It's been a great weekend.  Lots of time with friends, lots of time with family, lots of awesome worship at church yesterday, good services at both church times, great food, warm weather, learning a new sport (and getting beaten kinda bad), and now a holiday!  My little cup is just overflowing today!

We're having lunch with my sweet Daddy today.  He mentioned 'Osaka' and Jonah went nuts.  His favorite thing in the world is chicken fried rice from Osaka.  (He might get that from his mom!)  I love their salad with ginger dressing.  (If you didn't already know, Osaka is Japanese, which is my all time favorite food!)  I could drink it, to be honest.  And have been tempted on several occasions.  :)

I'm hoping that the weather stays nice.  I want to take the boys to the park today.  It's been ages since we've been, and I'm itching to get outdoors.  I'm pretty sure Pappaw won't mind tagging along.  Poor guy...I tag him along to a lot of places!  One of which was the dentist a few weeks ago.  I had to get my teeth cleaned and I asked him to come with me to keep me company on the drive and in the waiting room.  He obliged.  He's sweet like that...and I do love my time with him.

Anyway, if the rain stays away, we have Lacrosse practice this afternoon.  And a couple shows to catch up on tonight!!  Ummmmm, American Idol anyone??  I'm ashamed to say that we have not watched last week's episodes yet.  Have I mentioned that I love Steven Tyler?  If not...well, there you go.  I think he makes the show so much better this year.

So, that's about it.   I know...exciting stuff, right?  I can't help that we lead a simple life.  The little things in life make me happy...days when we're out of school, sandal weather, sunshine, parks, reality tv long as we're doing what we love with the ones we love, I am content.  I am happy and fulfilled.  I am blessed.  My cup overflows with blessings.  (Psalm 23:5, New Living Translation) 

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