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Friday Favorites, 9.23.22.

  Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with  Andrea  and  Erika  for today's favorites blog post. How has your week been, friends? I had a sneaking suspicion that my week was going to fly by and it did. I worked in our office for two days this week, but on Tuesday I worked from home and it was GLORIOUS. I did not get out of my pajamas until after lunch. I can't tell you when the last time was that my morning went like that. Actually, yes I can—it was before I started working. I'm not complaining! I still LOVE my job and am so grateful to have it. Also, having a little bit of extra money is both mine and Todd's favorites.  This was me about to get started with some work on Tuesday.  Speaking of Todd, last night was my favorite night. We went to dinner, then we ran by UPS so that I could return something, then we ended our fancy night out at Costco. It was fun and multi-purposeful. He had to exchange something and I wanted to shop with him for food for them all for d
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Thankful Thursday

  Happy Thursday, friends, and happy FALL! There is some debate on which day is actually the start of the fall season, but more pointed to today,  Thursday September 22nd as the fall equinox. This time of year is my absolute favorite and I spend all the other months counting down the days until it's back each year. It doesn't take much to make me happy, friends, in case you didn't know that.  For today's post, I am linking up with my friend Rebecca Jo , who is back in the blogging world once again! You should check out her latest posts. We would love for you to join us this week!  Obviously, the first thing I am thankful for this week is that it's the beginning of the fall season. Pinterest is my favorite way to be inspired right now, other than blogs. At the risk of sounding redundant, I love to have something to look forward to, which is why I love bucket list blog posts and inspirational pins, boards and blogs. Maybe it's just my optimistic personality, maybe

all about getting ready to leave town for a few days

Happy Wednesday, friends! I love to hear about how people get ready to travel, so I thought I'd share the things I do before leaving town. I hope you enjoy this little post! (The above pack has no relation to what I'm writing today, I just think it's adorable and looks touristy.) I love to leave home with a clean house. This is especially nice when we're all going out of town together. I've been known to put a little Pine Sol into our toilets, to help keep things smelling fresh in the house. Since I'm the only one leaving, I will still leave the house clean. My husband and sons are awesome and always make sure that things are as I left them on the day I return home. Now, I realize that probably means that the house is a disaster while I'm away, but I'm not here to see it, so who cares? Jonah especially is so nice about vacuuming really well and making sure my bed is made just like I like it.  I always try to have grocery shopped before leaving. Hopefully

Tuesday- It's Almost Fall edition

  Happy Tuesday, friends, and happy almost fall! I'm sharing a few ideas I have for a fall bucket list today. I used to do this kind of post when the boys were little, but these days, this is all about things I want to do with my husband and our sons, if they're able to join us. When they were little, I always used to let them write down a bunch of things they wanted to do during summer and any break that they had in school. I never knew that would become such a thing, but it has and I LOVE reading about what people do or like to do during each season. This feels like another old fashioned blog post. After I share about those, I will share some ideas that I have come across and love on Pinterest, regarding personal style and d├ęcor inside of our home. I hope you enjoy reading this post! When the boys were little, we started using a firepit each fall. I credit this activity to what led us loving to go on camping trips. It feels rustic and it's so much fun having a meal over a

weekending/Hello Monday

  Happy Monday, friends! I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for this weekly blog post. How was your weekend? Mine went by so quickly! Probably because I spent hours watching countless episodes of a show I'm trying to finish. (Grey's Anatomy, because someone is going to wonder what show it is. Also, please don't judge me! I need to see how Shonda Rhimes wraps the whole thing up with the last season...IS it the last season? I don't even know, but online looking doesn't confirm anything either. She needs to be done! My son told me I had to finish watching it, because I'd stopped.) Anyway, onto the weekend. I got started with Dad on Friday. He came over for lunch, which was delicious. I made us fish tacos for lunch, because I wanted to enjoy the whole day at home.  We had tacos and chips and guacamole, which Dad loves. He loves spice, so I loaded us both up with that sriracha sauce. He was excited about their upcoming trip they left for on Saturday morning. They

Friday Favorites, 9.16.22.

  Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for this weekly blog post. I'll jump right in! Our town is my favorite. It really is like our own little version of Stars Hollow. Events like this prove that to be true. I would go to this in a heartbeat, if I were in town, but I'll be living it up in Boston that day with my sister Lisa.  These views never get old walking into work on the days when I'm there. This little park area used to be one of my boys' favorite places to hang out. We would go there every Friday night and listen to Bluegrass music as they ran around with friends and play hide-and-seek. Those were the days! This quiche is my favorite version! Check at the end of this post for my other blog posts from this week. It'll be on Tuesday's dinner inspiration post.  I mentioned this yesterday, but my blog friend turned in-real-life friend Marilyn and I met at my favorite coffee shop on the town square Tuesday afternoon! That hour and