Tuesday, April 20, 2021

things I love about all of my sons

Happy Tuesday, friends. I thought I'd take some time and share some qualities about my sons that I love and that mean the world to me. I hope you enjoy!

I love that when I make dinner at night, they all thank me and compliment the food. Noah has done this forever and for a long time was the only one to ever express his gratitude, but they've all picked up on this and they try to be the first one to say something now. 

I love that when I come home from a trip, the house is clean. This was the case on Saturday when I came home from my little mountain retreat. The bed was made, the floors were vacuumed and the laundry was being worked on and was mostly done. 

I love that when we eat, they mess with each other. I love their relationship with one another and it's something I have prayed for ever since they were little boys. I've always said that friends will come and go, but the ones seated beside them at the dinner table would be around for a lifetime. The Lord has been faithful and has answered this prayer of mine. They're all extremely close to one another.

I love their loyalty. They will defend their brothers no matter what. We've learned over the years that they're all kind of like a package deal, meaning that if a friend doesn't get along with one of them, that it's a problem. We found out quickly the ones who were trustworthy. 

I love that they're polite and do things that are old fashioned, like holding the door for someone and replying to someone using ma'am and sir. 

I love that with the exception of a couple of them early on, they haven't dated much or even at all. For a long time, I used to let this bother me, but as a sweet friend just recently pointed out to me, it may just mean that they know what they want and what they don't and they're unwilling to settle. I'd much prefer they not date at all than to date randomly and with no consideration to what they want in their future. 

I have said it before and I'll say it forever—I love their friendship. Of all the things I love most about them, that's at the top of the list. I am wrapping up this journey of homeschooling in a few days and of all the things we've done, that was the greatest blessing of my life. We had the gift of time on our side and the days when they were all at home were the most magical of days. We did so many fun things together and had the most fun making everything an adventure. I wouldn't trade these last eight years of my life for all the money and possessions in the world. The reason I mention that along with their friendship is that it was because of homeschooling that they're as close as they are. I will always be so grateful to God for allowing me the gift of being their mom and guiding me in our years together while they were in school. To Him be the glory.

I have a little plaque somewhere that my mom-in-love gave me one year for Christmas that reads, "Being a mother is a holy privilege." I agree wholeheartedly. I'm just treasuring all of these beautiful things in my heart.

Love to all. 

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