Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Jonah's and Noah's senior banquet

 Happy Wednesday, friends! Last night was such a special night for us and Jonah and Noah. It's hard to think it's already the middle of April and that we are winding down the boys' senior year of high school. As May quickly approaches, the days are getting a little more and more real. Last night was our third and final senior banquet to attend for our sons. This is something I wasn't sure would even happen, thanks to the dreaded c word and due to so many things being shut down. I'm so grateful this was able to go on!

In years past, it was held at a country club and while that was okay and pretty, I am glad it was at our church. It was a catered meal and our Pastor spoke to them, the youth pastor spoke, and the young adults pastor spoke as well. I'm sharing this so that I will be able to hang onto all these memories.

This man is one of greatest men I've ever known! I am so thankful to call him Pastor and friend. I'm also thankful that my sons can also call him that. He has invested so much time into them as their Pastor and last night he encouraged them to always guard their hearts. 

Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life. (Proverbs 4:23)

Nice picture, funny picture. 

I love the look on Todd's face as he hugged Jonah. They're twins. 

Oh, Jonah, with his closed eyes. He felt terrible all of yesterday, thanks to our changing weather and his sinus issues. He actually took a nap yesterday, if that tells you anything. He only sleeps in the day like that when he's sick. It's also why he decided not to dress up so much. 

Left to right: Noah, Mom, Bill and Jonah. 

Noah, Sandy, Dad and Jonah. (I wish I'd noticed the blur of this one.)

Noah, Wiley, Phyllis and Jonah. 

Jacob, Jonah and Noah. 

And finally Haisten, Colby, Noah, Carter, Jonah and Jacob. These guys are their very best friends, minus one or two other guys that weren't there. I'm so thankful for the friendships they have with one another. These guys have been lifesavers over the last couple of years and have become more like brothers to my boys more than anything else. 

These days are slipping right by! I'm treasuring up all these things in my heart, though. I'm so proud of my youngest boys and pray they always love Jesus with their whole hearts. I pray they stay friends with these guys forever! I think most of them are staying in town after graduation. 

Thanks for reading! Love to all. 


Memphis Bridges said...

What a special night and you look beautiful!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you, Marilyn!

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