Tuesday, March 16, 2021

things I haven't already mentioned and random pictures from my phone


Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought I'd share a few random things I haven't already talked about, either on social media or my blog. I "talk" in pictures a lot, therefore I have some to share. 

I haven't talked about Crash lately, but he is doing GREAT! I am shocked at how good of a patient he has been. Today marks three weeks post his first ACL repair surgery. If he continues to heal properly, they'll do the second one at the five week mark. He doesn't mind the kennel, the boys have all pitched in and made time to love on him and he no longer has to wear the donut. He got his staples out last Tuesday. 

Every single night, Graham comes downstairs and does this with him. Crash sleeps with Graham when he's not recovering from surgery and he LOVES this brother.

I had some extended time with my best friend on Sunday. It's a long story and not mine to tell, but here's what I wanted to say about this picture—sometimes you find yourself stopped in the middle of a country back road with your best friend and you just need a minute to process a whole lot of junk. I can say that we are good and caught up now! However, this little extended time away together wasn't QUITE what I had in mind when I suggested that we run away. (Not from families, from dumb people.)

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I have officially turned into my mom. I always tease her for just getting certain colors on her nails and now I do the exact same thing. I even got this color, which is one of her favorites, yesterday when I went to get them done. Nail days are always so much fun, but man, they were busy! My poor friend was a bit overwhelmed at all the customers that kept pouring in. I just told her to tell them they either had a long wait time or they needed to come back later or tomorrow. She took my advice. 

I came across this on Instagram yesterday and I LOVE WHAT IT SAYS. I couldn't agree more. Life is too short to not embrace it fully. 

Well, it's Monday night and dinner is ready, so I'll end this little random post with that last one. Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


Joanne said...

I agree; life is much too short to not embrace it fully! Love your nails.

Jennifer said...

Sweetest photo ever of Crash and Graham!! What a lucky guy Crash is!! So glad he is doing so well....but I didn't realize he has to do it again. Oh my:( Happy Tuesday, friend. Have a great week!!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Joanne- YES! And thank you!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Jennifer- Thank you! I love it too. And you are so right about Crash being lucky...he is very well loved and spoiled around here. I'm guessing nobody can tell that, though. ;) Thank you, I hope you have a great week too!

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