Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Favorites 1.29.21

Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for this weekly blog post. 

I hope you've all had a great week—I have, and while I have been home a lot this week, the week has seemed busier than normal. I think it's because of how I spend the time in my days and every single day goes by so fast, especially my favorite kind of day, the ones when I'm home with nowhere to go. I am an introvert to the very core of my being and I love days when I don't have to be anywhere. 

Here are a few of my favorite moments/things from the week:

I got this sign from Hobby Lobby after Christmas, and it's one of my favorite things in our home. I took this picture and had something to say about it one day a few weeks ago when I wasn't feeling very loved by the people in my home, but I never shared it because the issued needed to be worked out in my own heart. I share this with you because the Lord has stopped me sharing on social media lately—and I know it's "just" social media and why would the Lord care about such a frivolous thing like that, but it's like He has been showing me lots of perspective lately.

I have had thoughts along the lines of some of these statements lately:

Why am I sharing this? Is it really to encourage someone or is it because I want the attention it puts onto me? 

(I'm being VERY vulnerable here, in case you aren't picking up on that.)

Does the social media world really need ONE MORE PERSON sharing their thoughts? 

Is it glorifying to God?

Have I prayed about this instead of sharing the words running through my brain?

And so, I've not been posting a lot and I still haven't been on there all that much. I'm good with all of this and I don't miss reaching for my phone. I've been filling up my time with reading, listening to music, doing Bible study homework and planning out days and weeks ahead. 

My pastor is one of my favorite people to pray for and to hear speak. Last week he began a new series on the book of Mark and he will be preaching from this gospel for the weeks to come. I love this book in the new testament and a good sermon series is my favorite. I love reading along in the book I know someone is preaching from and it's on my list of things to read before Sunday.

Speaking of reading, it's my favorite past time and though I said I would share the books I've read this month, I don't know what I was thinking. I will be reading right up until the last day of the month, so I will start writing the post over the weekend and share it at the beginning of the week. 

I spent a great portion of the month of January right here in my chair, happily reading #allthepages.

Anyone else love all the memories that come each day on Timehop? They're my favorite! This picture was taken approximately nine years ago and left to right are Jonah, Noah, Graham and Drew. Those were the days! We left the school books behind and went and had a day of fun at a local trampoline park. They were so excited to walk in and I made them stop and pose for me so we'd always remember the day.

Winter is my favorite (but really, I love every season) because we can enjoy fires in the fireplace. I took this picture on Sunday when it was so cold outside. Todd came home from church and started a fire and kept it going until late that night.

Like I said, reading is my favorite and so are books. This is one of four spots in our home that is stuffed with books. They're in every nook and cranny. Some people like shoes, jewelry or trinkets, I like books. I love to display them and I love how they bring a feel of coziness to the decor. 

I wholeheartedly agree with the statement in this picture, because as far back as I can remember, books have transported me to another place. They've helped me through some hard times and the ones I love most are like old friends. My dad used to drop me off at my favorite used bookstore and would come back for me four hours later. (I did this at least every other Saturday and never got tired of it.) I am still this way today and love to read books over and over again. 

On another note, fresh flowers are another favorite of mine. I bought these this week at my grocery store and think they're beautiful. Nothing beats the $4 bouquet from the grocery store!

I love it when things look pretty.

This Bible study is so good! Bible study is another favorite of mine and I'm not raving because my name is one of the ones listed as co-author. It really is a GREAT Bible study and I am loving digging into the Word of God with friends in small group each week.

This Bible is another favorite—yesterday's reading was so good, as was the devotion that tied it all together after. I posted this yesterday, a quote the writer made about not holding a grudge, then pretty much had to turn around and eat my words. Like I said, #perspective.

I wish this picture above was a video instead of merely a picture. Jonah's truck has been broken down for weeks and mechanics are booked for weeks and months and it's impossible to get into one right now. We have waited on our guy because he is good and reliable and reasonably priced. Saturday is the day it gets to go into the repair shop! A tow truck will come and pick her up tomorrow and tow her to the shop and this was Jonah and Noah pushed the truck into the driveway yesterday afternoon. I was DYING laughing, as were they. I did manage to video it on Snapchat to send to all the boys.

That's about all I've got, friends. How was your week? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my to all!


Memphis Bridges said...

Such a good perspective about social media. It is freeing to the soul for sure when I don't spend as much time on it. I need to spend that time reading! Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I thought so too, Marilyn and it's something another book helped me realize, though the book talked about these things in regard to loving your neighbor. I have a rule for myself when I am home, because I am home a lot and could squander my day by letting the tv be on nonstop- I let myself watch one thing (at lunch, usually), then the tv is turned off and I get busy again, but if I sit, I make myself read. I don't reach for my phone or turn the tv back on, I sit and read for at least thirty minutes or so. It does help to make those rules for myself...but I know I'm also really weird. Ha!

Bri Runde said...

Love the sign you found at Hobby Lobby! And I too love your thoughts on social media. I actually deactivated my accounts a couple months ago, thinking it'd be for just a week, but it's really changed my perspective on things, my life feels better, I feel better mentally and more present with my family, so it's been good. I am sure I will go back someday, but I am starting to wonder if 2021 will be the year of no social media for me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thanks, Bri! I think about deactivating them all the time. I still may! I hope yours is great!

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