Saturday, November 28, 2020

four somethings (November) link-up


Hello again! I didn't mean to take a break from blogging last week, but sometimes that is just how life goes. I missed writing blog posts last week and connecting with the friends I've met through the blog world. That being said, I thought I'd join in this link-up for the first time. I am linking up with Heather for this weekend blog post.

The four somethings are something loved, something read, something treasured, and something ahead. Here are mine from the month of November.

Something loved:

Even though today is November 28th, I've been listening to Christmas music since the first of November. All of the months ending in 'ber' are my favorite, so I take full advantage of every one of them. Christmas everything is also my favorite, especially the music. There is one song that I love right now, called Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battistelli. 

Here is a link to the song. Listen to the lyrics—they are profound, especially in a year such as the one we are closing out right now. (If that link doesn't work, just type the name of the song and her name into the search bar on YouTube.) The whole album is my current favorite, even though it's not new. I also love the album Adore by Chris Tomlin, because of how worshipful it is and These Christmas Lights by Matt Redman. Christmas worship music is music that I love the most. If you're on Spotify, you should follow me there. My name is ALLBOYS-US and I just made a new playlist called Christmas 2020. My worship 2020 playlist is also really good. (My profile is public.)

Something read:

I read several books this month, but the ones I loved took me by surprise. I read the Winter Street series by Elin Hilderbrand. This surprised me because even though I want to love her books, I usually don't. She doesn't give chapter breaks in her books, which makes me crazy, but with these delightful books the break occurs when the person telling the story changes. For instance, these books are all about the same family, and each family member has his or her turn in telling the story. They were so good! All of her books are set on Nantucket, and now I want to go there.

I also read Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery.

Something treasured:

My most treasured thing are the boys in this picture above. Left to right are Drew, Noah, Jonah and Graham. This picture was taken about ten years ago, when we had gone to visit Santa Clause, and they were goofing off for my picture taking. Our memories are so wonderful and priceless, gifts from the Lord Jesus, and I won't ever take them for granted. I know so many who have lost loved ones, who now have a part of their heart residing in Heaven, where their children are now—and my heart goes out to them. I never want to seem insensitive to the hurting world around me, so know that when I say this, I mean it—I pray the Lord will comfort them like only He can. 

Nowadays my guys look a little different....

...but they'll always seem like they should be this age. In this picture above left to right are Graham, Noah, Jonah and Drew. Today Graham is 21, Drew is 20, Jonah and Noah are 17 and seniors in high school. Those days of their childhood flew right by. 

Something ahead:

Don't mind me, friends. I'll just be getting all cozy and Christmasy in the days and weeks ahead. My favorite thing to do at this time of year is to sit and spend time with Jesus in the living room, by the light of the Christmas tree. It just seems more special when I sit and have that to look at in the background. Did I mention that this is my favorite time of year? I am here for every second of the Christmas season of 2020. 

Thank you for reading my blog! This was a fun post to write—I hope you enjoyed reading along. Love to all. 


Tanya said...

Thanks for the Spotify link. I'm always looking for good playlists. I feel the same way about my kids. In my mind, I think they will always be ages 6 and 8. It was such a sweet age, and that's how I still see them. Have a wonderful week.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

You're welcome! Some of those songs are incredible. What is it about those ages? They seemed so magical, now that I look back. I hope you have a great week as well!

Kelly R. Smith said...

Thanks for your winter reading recommendations. I enjoy reading Christmasy books this time of year.

Jennifer Goodwin said...


You're welcome! I hope you like the books as much as I did. Have a great week!

Kym said...

Going to look up those suggested Christmas songs - often I know the songs, just not the titles! - because I also adore Christmas music. Your tree is beautiful, by the way. :-)

Jennifer Goodwin said...


I'm so glad! I hope you like them as much as I do...and thank you for the tree compliment! I love Christmas and love having a decorated home. Thanks for stopping by!

Megan Byrd said...

I'm glad you've found some new Christmas songs. I tend to get bored by the same old songs about halfway through December. I'll have to check out your recommendations!

Jennifer Goodwin said...


Me too! I hope you check the songs out for yourself. I just love music, so I love to share it with people. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day. ❤️

Memphis Bridges said...

What a great post and sweet to reflect on how are kids have grown!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you, Marilyn! I have to admit, I got a little teary as I wrote this post. The years have gone by so quickly, far more than I would have thought could be possible.

Have a great week!

Heather Gerwing said...

I am SO happy to have you join #sharefoursomethings WELCOME! I am also going to find you on Spotify to follow your playlists!!

Jennifer said...

Love the photos of your boys! Where does the time really see how much has changed when you look through pictures!! I miss my kiddos at that age (not babies but still kiddos!!) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving - and hooray for holiday music! Let it play!!

Jennifer Goodwin said...


I am so glad to join in your monthly posts! I just "found" you through another blogger. I always love meeting new blogging friends! I hope you enjoy the music, happy listening!

Jennifer Goodwin said...


Thank you! I do looking through old pictures and I am always glad I took so many. Happy listening to you, too!

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