Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for this blog post. It's been a really good week! I'm saying goodbye to my youngest son tonight—he's going to the beach with his friend's family. Jonah was going to go as well but decided to stay home instead since he was just at a beach a few weeks ago. (He isn't that much of a beach person.) Let me tell you, it's strange having older kids now, who vacation with us. We've all vacationed seperately this year and it isn't my favorite. I miss our old days of fall break trips camping with our friends. Mama's, don't blink, because you'll miss it all in a heartbeat. I know I've said it before and it seems so cliche, but the days really are long and the years really are short.

I can't talk too much about that now, though or I'll start getting all emotional again and I've already cried over a dang letter I read on Facebook that someone wrote to the mom of a dog who had passed away. I have church tonight and my mascara is probably gone, but oh well. (I'm writing this on Wednesday night.)

My new journal is my favorite. My friend Andrea and I met for dinner one night last week and ended at HomeGoods and I found this cute notebook by Rae Dunn. I'm on a kick with larger sizes of notebooks right now and have been using composition notebooks since August. I use one notebook for everything—sermon notes, Scripture writing, notes when my favorite Bible study teachers teach, lyrics to songs for worship, lists for everyday at home. You name it, it's in there.

Y'all. Look at my sweet daddy worshiping Jesus while at my house last Friday. Our Fridays are my favorite and this was a moment when we were listening to my worship music playlist on Spotify. He really loves Psalm 23 by Brooklyn Tabernacle choir and that's what he was listening to at this moment.

Saturday night, my favorite guy and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary! We ate dinner at a fancy place and had the best meal. We had crab cakes for an appetizer, steaks and potatoes with Italian spinach and I had a big ole slice of keylime pie. 

Keylime pie is my favorite and I ate most of the entire thing by myself. Todd did take a bite and he ate the whipped cream that I'd pushed to the side.

Favorite shoes and favorite poncho thing. I forgot I had this poncho and have never even worn it! It will be on repeat throughout this season, for sure. My shoes are by Dansko, which is one of my favorite brands of shoes. They're not cheap, but none of us have ever worn cheap shoes and don't believe they're the best thing with anyone who has any sort of issue with their feet, whether flat or high arch. Also, I think I want a big mirror to check my outfits so I don't have to keep going into the boy's bathroom. I try to avoid that room as much as possible.

These Ugg slippers are still my favorites and I no longer feel bad about how much they cost as a gift, because I've really worn them nonstop. My favorite weekend routine is to get up early Saturday morning and watching a movie. I allow myself to really sit that whole time and not do anything else. On weekdays, I never sit for long in my chair. Once I drink my coffee, I am up and moving. It has been really chilly here in the mornings and this new flannel nightgown I found on clearance at Kohl's will be my favorite thing for such mornings during this fall and winter. (I think this was under $5!)

This is one of my favorite pictures of us and believe it or not, the only picture I have of us from our wedding. All of our wedding pictures with us together in them were lost. Isn't that terrible? And we used a very reputable photography studio to take all the pictures. For all you youngun's reading this, this was before the time of digital photography! 

Look how beautiful my favorite kitty is. This is Twinkles (we did not name her) and she is growing older and feebler by the day. She's about fourteen years old now and the minute I sit down, she is usually in my lap. I will be so sad when she passes away.

Do you remember that mascara I mentioned that I'd bought from Amazon this week? Look at it on my eyelashes! It's amazing. They never look like that. 

I think it was under $5 on Amazon! I can't remember the exact price, but if not that, it was definitely under $7. It's my new favorite and the brush on it is really good—does anyone else love a good brush with mascara?

Texting funny messages back and forth with my hubby is one of my favorite things. I texted him this picture Thursday morning, because I always lay out our vitamins together before he goes to work and he forgot to take them Thursday! His response to me over this was, "Uh oh." Hopefully he managed okay throughout the day without these.

I share this picture because they contain my favorite footwear: Bussola wedges. They are so comfy and I love that they make me feel taller. I'm 5'3 and need all the help I can get. I have these wide legged jeans that I wear them with, so I always feel good about myself on the days when I wear the two together.

Thursday was my favorite day this week, because I got to spend part of it with Mom. She's not been feeling the best, so I haven't seen her that often recently. She was feeling a little better on Thursday. Wednesday was also my favorite, because of Bible study. We had such great times of discussion this week, so for that I am always thankful. 

How was your week? That's about all I've got for today, friends. Thanks for reading! Love to all. 


Memphis Bridges said...

So many great things in this post! Enjoy your fall break!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you, Marilyn! I hope you have a great weekend!

Tanya said... your wedding photo. Great to see your dad visiting too. Hope you had a good weekend.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you, Tanya, I hope you had a great one too!

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