Tuesday, June 23, 2020

what I love about summer, or at least the theory of summer

I always say that I love summer, but truthfully? I do not. I was thinking about this last week and decided it's the theory of summer that I love and not necessarily the months of the hottest season of the year. I live near Memphis, Tn and we are known for HOT and humid. The humidity is what is so terrible and what makes my hair swell to epic proportions. If I lived in the heat without the humidity, I think I'd be okay. Anyway, we're all different and we all love and dislike different things, but here is my list and the why behind it all.

I LOVE to swim and to be in the water. I can swim or float, it does not matter, I just love being in water. I love being in the sun and having color on my skin from time spent outdoors.

I do not like being outdoors in the heat, unless I'm in water.

I do like being outdoors when it's cool at night, like the night I took this picture. Our deck and seating and lighting are magical and I love being out there.

I love summer reading. I have time to read all the time, though, so I don't know why summer makes it different. I'm currently reading from my own stockpile of books, or books that I'm borrowing from friends. I am also purchasing books on Amazon. Don't tell Toddley, though.

But, give me ALL the books.

I love wearing less makeup in the summer. And the more shimmery the better! Because of how hot it is here, I can't stand to have a bunch of makeup on, and if I have a little tan, I don't need it that much.

I love this flag above Noah's bed and I agree with its saying. The boys have been spending Saturdays at a local beach area by our house, and I'd tell you more about it, but I want it to stay secluded and private for them. ;)

I love how beach towels smell like sunscreen~and even when you wash them a million times how they still smell like it; it's like it's baked into the fibers.

I love the long and slow days and the laziness of it all. I'm more likely to settle down and watch more shows and movies, or sit and read for hours on end. I love the sun setting so late, too, and I love seeing fireflies out the window.

There's a tree at my church that I love~it has yellow blooms and it only blooms through the middle of July. Once the extreme heat comes, it's back to just green. The yellow blooms remind me of fireworks.

I love the theory of fireworks, but I do NOT love fireworks. They scare me because of their unpredictability.

I love the summer music playlists I've made on Spotify and music plays nonstop in my home.

I love freshly cut grass and summer rain storms. I can smell the rain in the air, and it's one of my favorite smells.

I love not using the oven or stovetop and how my hubby grills out for us most nights.

I love all the fruit and all the veggies and how they're readily available.

I love seeing color everywhere in the flowers I admire.

I love the extended time I have to sit at my kitchen table and read the word of God and talk to Him in prayer. This time is so precious to me and I treasure every single second.

There's so much more I could list, but I'll wrap this up. Tell me some things you love about this time of year and some traditions you enjoy with your family. I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all.


Jennifer said...

Oh so much to love!! I love your list:) I love the smell of sunscreen, all the veggies (and on the grill), fireworks and small-town parades. I have extra love for the smell of fresh-cut grass! It so reminds me of my dad. I would buy a candle with that scent! Hope you are soaking in and enjoying every minute of summer!!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I love your list, too. I should have said fresh cut grass. I love that smell! Have a great day.

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