Thursday, June 4, 2020

girls' weekend getaway

Last weekend, a couple of my best friends and I snuck off on a little girls weekend getaway.  It was Missy, Teresa (T or "Sweet T") and myself.  I picked T up, then Missy, then we went to see our sweet friend Barbee before leaving town, per her request.  She wanted to send us off with Bible study homework and a pan of her homemade brownies.  I was glad she did that, because I had forgotten the dessert I meant to pick up to take with us. 

We made the hour drive to Corinth, Mississippi and looked for a place that had an open dining room.  Our original plan failed, a little five and dime place that was on the town square, so we settled for Sweet Peppers, which is like a McAlister's.  It was yummy and it let us sit at a table inside to eat and chat.  After that we found a Cato's to shop in and each bought some things.  Our local Cato shut down, due to high rent prices.  After that we went to Belk, because T had never been there, but it was a dud.  We left Corinth and drove the thirty minutes farther down the road to Pickwick Lake. 

We checked in and then got turned around trying to find our little wooded hideaway, and then when we finally found it, we couldn't figure out how to get inside!  Let me show you.

That sidewalk would be the obvious place for a door, right?  It wasn't.  Or so we thought.  So T took off down this hill (which is way more steep than it looks here) and made her way all the way to the back of the cabin and yelled out, "I found it!"  Turns out, the sidewalk where the door was, was in fact, our door inside, but it was a door that closed off the patio area from other people being able to see it.  The real door was past the first door.

We were cracking up because she had on flip flops and we were thinking she'd never make it without falling.  We were wrong, though and I'm glad! 

This was inside.  We unloaded the car and got settled in our rooms and just sat and relaxed for the first few minutes.  Missy had a wedding to watch over a Zoom meeting, so we watched with her and then ate dinner.  Missy had bought meals for us at a local little Italian place here on the square in The Ville, and the first night we had lasagna and garlic bread.  It was amazing! 

I brought along a few little surprises for them, a thank you gift for renting the cabin, and some things to make the cabin a little cozier.

I put up lights on the mantel and lit a candle I'd brought from home, and we listened to my favorite worship playlist on Spotify with that bluetooth speaker you see inthe middle of the mantle.

And there we sat and just talked until midnight.  We never once turned on the television, not for the whole weekend.  We went to bed and "slept in" the next morning and had coffee or tomato juice (sweet T likes that)  and sat and enjoyed each other's company.  And here is where it gets boring.  We did this all day.  We each had extended quiet times that morning that went into the afternoon, and in between that we would talk or just sit contently being quiet.  We each ate our own breakfast that we'd brought along, we ate our own lunches, and then at dinner we had chicken enchiladas, from the same little place on the town square. 

The two pictures right above are pictures of the homework Barbee sent with us, but we didn't really "do" anything with what she sent, we just read her notes. 

After dinner we ate more of the brownies, and Missy tried to just feed me crumbs. 

You should see the picture I caught of her laughing her head off at my response.  We each brought something to read, as well, and this was me in the afternoon laying in bed reading.

I tried to nap, but it didn't work.  And this is all we did all weekend long.  It was glorious.  We checked out at ten Sunday morning and drove around to the lake for our church's livestream.

This was the only glimpse of the lake we got all weekend long, and it was just the marina.  I'm laughing as I write that.  This tickles me, because for the whole weekend, we literally planned to do absolutely nothing.  This was to be a restful and restorative weekend for Missy and T, mainly T, because of her very stressful job.  And it was all of that and so much more.  After church, we drove to Corinth again and had lunch at the Cracker Barrel and then came back home to reality.  I am so thankful we had the opportunity to do this~it was a lot different than other trips I've taken, but it was fun and full of rest, and for that I am so very grateful. 

Thanks for reading about our weekend!  Love to all. 


Jennifer said...

So glad you had that opportunity. Isn't it wonderful to have the kind of friends that you are comfortable doing absolutely nothing with!!?! It's rare..but a treat!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you, Jennifer! And yes, it is, they are my gifts from the Lord! I thank Him for all of the women like this I have in my life. I hope you had a good weekend!

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