Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Garage Project

If you're on Facebook as my friend, you can stop reading this now, because you know about it already. 

Tuesday was a great day around here!  Todd, Graham, and Jonah kept busy all day and that made the day go by really quickly.  Graham had a job to do here in town, and he just went and picked up the piece of equipment and brought it here to work on.  And Todd and Jonah worked on the new shelving in the garage that Jonah dreamed up last week. 

They had bought the material prior to this, so all they had to do was wait on a nice day, and yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day, so it was perfect.

Before they did this, they had thoroughly cleaned out the garage.  They worked on this the week before last, and Jonah actually went through and cleaned it out a second time.  They started by pulling everything away from the back wall in the garage and cleaning the floor.  They swept and wiped up a couple of stains and got to work. 

I couldn't quite see the vision of what they had in mind, especially when they started nailing things into the wall studs, but as they worked, it all started to come together. 

It's built into the studs of the walls and ceiling.  Jonah was finishing up the last part of the project.  Todd got up there too and helped do the other side. 

We also had this wire shelving that they built for shoes before they called it a night. 

All put back together.  This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for the six of us living in this house and with as much stuff as we all have, this is remarkable.  They all love to play basketball, they have tools and work stuff out here, the lawn mower, leaf bag holder, leaf blower are all out here, along with extra dog food, camping gear, detailing products and tools, rakes, shovels, and ladders.  Everything has a very specific place now, and hopefully this will help it stay organized.

Chip and Crash had to come check things out.  They approved. 

It was a long day, but it sure feels great to have it finished, even if Todd is paying for it for the next few days.  It was about an eight hour project. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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