Monday, February 24, 2020

weekending/Hello Monday

Happy Monday, friends!  I'm linking up with Tanya at The Other Side of the Road, and her blog friends, for this post.

(Also, and this is very random, but so many blogging "friends" I have made in the twelve years I've written on this blog, are all from the same area, and this is why, when two or three years ago while I was in Dallas for an author meet and greet, my best friend and I made the drive to a cute neighboring town called McKinney.  I'd heard so much about it over the years that I wanted to see it for myself.)

Moving on now.

We got our weekend kicked off with a Costco date night.  That makes me laugh.  It was not at all a date and just a trip to Costco.  I get so tickled when people call nights like that date nights.  When you're married and have no kids in the house, every night is date night.  We were out of some necessities, and we took the opportunity to eat dinner there when we finished shopping.  After that, we came home, got comfy and watched tv together.  I love watching Live PD with Toddley, and we also love the show See No Evil, a crime investigation show.

On Saturday morning, everyone slept late, and I enjoyed a quiet morning while they snoozed.  I have this strange routine with tv in the mornings.  During the week, I watch my local news until seven, and then I watch a few minutes of The Today Show, when I can stomach it...sometimes, all the political junk gets to me and I have to mute it or turn it off.  But on Saturdays, I wake up early, make my coffee, and watch either a Hallmark movie or several episodes of a cooking show like The Pioneer Woman (my favorite) or Giada.  These are both on Hulu under The Food Network channel.

I did that, and then I went out with my mom for a bit.  I needed to run to a couple of places, and then we went to this amazing place...

...The Container Store.  I love this place!  I will say a few things about it, though.  For one thing, I know I can get better deals anywhere else.  Some of the things they have are very reasonably priced, though, like the four things I bought, and I spent about $5.  (I bought two little glass bottles and two metal tins for my purse.)  But their actual storage things like these baskets and other organization things are pretty pricey.  Even knowing all that, it sure is fun to go in there and look and dream.

After this we went to Trader Joe's, which was right next door, and I bought a few things there, as well.  (Things I needed and would have bought at Kroger.)  We went to Newk's for lunch, which has become a new Saturday thing because on that day every week, they have the best gumbo I have ever eaten.  It's chicken and sausage, and we always pair it with a Caesar salad.  Then we went to Rack Room for me, and Pier 1.  I also had to drop off a book at the library.  It was a fun morning out, and when I came home, I helped my hubby get all his clothes ready for a trip he left for on Sunday morning.  He gave himself a fresh buzz with the clippers, I trimmed it up for him, and then I laid on the bed and watched him pack.  We had Costco chicken wings that night for dinner, and they were delicious, as usual.

After dinner, I finally finished this book.

It was  really good, and loosely based upon the WASP's during WWII.  I've never read anything by this author, but I really liked her writing style and will be looking for some more books by her.

On Sunday, I didn't go to church that morning because of taking Todd and Graham to the airport.  I dropped them off, then went and got gas from Costco on my way home, and at the last minute, I decided to stop and grocery shop for the week.  I was fully dressed, so why not?  I'm glad I did this, because it's raining here today and I am staying home.  I was home in time to watch the service on live stream, and man!  It was so good!

Hearing this young man's testimony was something else, and I was boohooing over his transformation that they spoke of.

I ate lunch, took a quick nap, then was at church by three for choir practice.  I left early, though, because I didn't feel great.  I think I had sinus pressure in my head, and all the singing was making me dizzy.  We ordered some pizza for dinner, and I watched several more episodes of The Good Doctor.  I love that show!  Drew, Jonah, and Noah were in and out all night, and then were back home by ten thirty.  I went to bed shortly after that.

It was a great weekend, though, and I'm thankful my people made it safely to New Mexico, where they'll be until Thursday and Friday night.

Today I will be right here at home all day long, and I am excited about it.  I have several projects I'll be working on today, but maybe I'll share about those another day.  In the meantime, my coffee just ran out, and I need a new cup.  I hope your day is great!  Thanks for reading, and love to all.


Tanya said...

We had a nice lunch on our "date day," but then topped it off with early voting. Not really a date, but I love getting stuff done with my best friend (husband). I know what you mean about the national news shows. I hardly watch anymore. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I saw that and laughed, because it reminded me of our Costco "date" and how different we are now at this mid-forties age. I wouldn't trade it for one thing, though.

Thanks for always bringing comment love to my blog! And for your link-ups...I love those! Have a great week!

Joanne said...

That looks like a fabulous book! I've always wished we had a container store near us because I just love being organized.

Memphis Bridges said...

That is good to know about the Newks gumbo. We will have to try that sometime. Every time I go into The Container Store it is like I have never seen a basket or organizer before, ha! :)

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Mother of 3~

It was so good! You should definitely check it out for yourself. I was fascinated by the WASP's...I'd never heard of them before reading this book, at least not that I remember. And I love being organized! That's why it makes me so happy...even how the store is so neat thrilled my heart. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Memphis Bridges~

It is delicious, and I just discovered it by accident. I love to pass on things like that. I was the same way in The Container Store! I also love all the tiny things they have, like bottles and containers for traveling. Those are the things I bought. Thanks for stopping by! And it's nice to see a familiar name...we're "neighbors"!

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