Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas with the Goodwins

Every year we celebrate Christmas with my husband's family and his brother and his family a few days before the actual big day.  This year the Nashville branch of the family came in on Friday, and we did Christmas on Saturday.  I thought I'd share a few pictures to remember the occasion.

We started by eating dinner at Cracker Barrel Friday night.  I saw this and immediately took a picture and sent it to my best friend, because this is so true!  Other than my husband, she's the only one who knows all my deepest and darkest secrets.  I'm laughing, because I know hers, too.

We went home from dinner and were back over there the next day at ten.  We all took a peak into our stockings and then once we got the lunch stuff situated and laid out, we started opening gifts.

They were trying out Mimi's new weighted blanket.

We call them the triplets, because they're about five weeks apart in age, with my two being the oldest.  This is Nathan. 

All the cheesy smiles.   This is such a bad picture of so many of them, but it's what we got and I'm fine with it. 

Again, Drew with the kids...he is such a kid magnet.  Zeke stayed right there for a while. 

He was telling me all about the game he was playing.  He would occasionally look up and talk to me about it. 

It was a fun day, and we were there almost all day.  Todd and Graham came home midday to let the dogs out and grab their work uniforms, and then they rode that night, and the rest of us left their house around five.  We can't leave Chip too long in his kennel.

It's almost Christmas!  I'm always a little sad.  I always want to freeze time before the actual day.  The day is never my favorite, just all the time leading up to it.  I'm weird, I know...but what I most love about the holiday are all the feelings.  The kindness, and the generosity, the conversations in line while I wait, the smiles I see on faces around me.  It's in this time that I pray that the Lord would use me, and my family, the most.  We have the hope of Jesus, as believers, and we need to share Him as much as we can.  That is my most often prayed prayer. 

Well, I need to get a jump on this day.  Love to all. 

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