Tuesday, November 26, 2019

my life right now

I'm still around.  I've not been doing much to catch you up on, so I thought I would share what I've been doing.  It's nothing too exciting, and it's not even like what I'm doing makes a room beautiful.  I've been painting.  I started on the downstairs Saturday, and blessed Jonah came down and helped me with all the cutting in.  We have a system: he cuts in, I roll.  He is slightly more messy than me, but I forgive him, because he's helping.  We are painting all the halls in our house.  It's a great color and all, but it's not that noticeable and just needed to be done.  Who knew how many fingerprints and marks on a wall four boys could make?  It already looks so much better.

I was downstairs on Saturday, doing on portion of the hall down here, then I moved to the upstairs yesterday and I'll stay there today.  There were walls with mud on them from when we had our pipes redone, and my goal was to concentrate on just those walls so I wouldn't see white any longer.  That was why I only did a portion of the downstairs on Saturday and a portion of the upstairs yesterday.  Today we're moving onto the rest of the upstairs hallway.  That will leave only the stairwell portion, which is going to be a bugger to paint because of how tall it is, and then a short downstairs hallway and the area by the front door. 

Sometimes it's not always fun and games, it's more like just get it done because it needs to get done.

I'm making dinner tonight for my people at home to eat, and then I'm going to the church to help deck the halls there for Christmas.  This always falls to the worship pastor, so he enlists the help of all the choir and orchestra to help.  It's always a fun night.  My Noah comes home tonight!  He lands around midnight, and it's supposed to be storming, so please pray for a safe flight and landing.  Also, my Denver family came in late last night, around that same time, because of the snowstorm going through Denver.  I'm so glad they all made it here safely, and that they came early.  And then tomorrow morning I'm going to sing at a Christmas party event nearby with a small group from the frontline singers at church.  It's early early, but it'll be fun.  I may paint more tomorrow when I get back home, so it'll all be done.  That would be a Christmas miracle!  Thursday will be here before I can blink, and I cannot wait to come back home that night to put all our Christmas decorations up.  I love this time of year!

I know so many who have suffered tremendous loss this year, and I can't write that without stopping to pray for all of them.  I try to be sensitive to that when I know of their struggle, and I ask the Lord to remind me to pray for them often.

Well, I need to put dinner in the crock pot, and then it's off to fold clothes, make my bed, and change back into my painting clothes.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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