Tuesday, October 22, 2019

simply Tuesday

It's Tuesday, and I always love these days.  Lately for me, they've meant a day of slowing down, catching up on all the things, reading, cleaning, cooking, scheduling.  Monday used to be the day I did that kind of thing, but since I started working a couple of days each week, it's become Tuesday that I do this. 

I'll share more about this in a minute, on what my day looks like, but first, I want to write about yesterday.  My mom in love and I spent the day together.  I mentioned yesterday that she's having surgery on Wednesday, and I still owed her birthday present to her, so we spent the day doing fun things.  I picked her up (because we're all car sharing right now), and we went and had lunch first.  I was so hungry!  She didn't mind, and we both had the best broccoli cheese soup, and I had half a pimento cheese sandwich with mine.  After lunch, we visited Ulta, which was right next door, and I got some new facial toner I've been wanting to try.  It's a sample size, and it was cheap.  Bonus! 

From there we went to one of Phyllis' favorite stores, Home Centric.  I bought a candle, but I'm kinda disappointed in it, because I can't even smell it while it's burning.  They have really cute things there, though, and I may go back closer to Christmas.  After Home Centric, we got pedicures at my favorite place to get them in The Ville, which is so much like being at a spa, but the prices are reasonable.  She and Wiley had dinner with us, too, which turned out to be pizza.  It was a really fun day. 

Today my plans include washing ALL THE LAUNDRY (there's mountains), sheets, blankets, and cleaning the house.  I also hope to paint some...like the trim on the kitchen windows...and I for real want to get started on painting the hallways this week.  I picked the color and now I just need to buy it and start.  Some of the boys are going to a gun range tonight, and some of them are staying home.  I'll be here, watching more shows, most likely.  I caught up on a few of them Sunday night while I was here alone.  And I may read some...I'm starting book number fifty eight of 2019. 

What are your plans today?  I'd love to hear! 

Thanks for reading, love to all!

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