Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summer lunches and dinners

I love to cook.  Except for when it feels like one hundred degrees outside and the oven makes it worse.   That being said, we do a lot of easy summer night dinners in these hot months.  I thought I'd share a little of what I do, and then I thought I'd ask for your help.  If you have a few favorites during these months, will you consider sharing?

Before I start with the dinners, I will mention lunches.  My boys have never been the type to eat sandwiches for lunch.  Well, not when they were little, anyway.  Almost everyday, they like something hot to eat, even if it's hot outside.  I am not like this.  I will eat anything.  A few of their favorites are anything leftover, ramen noodles, chicken strips with homemade ranch dressing (equal parts mayo, sour cream, salt to taste and any other seasoning of your choice-I use taco seasoning-and milk drizzled in slowly while you whisk it until it's the desired consistency you prefer), taquitos, or chef salad here recently.  Now that they're all older, I do actually pack lunches for Graham and Jonah before they leave for work, and of course I do the same for my hubby.  Just in the past couple of weeks, I have been packing PB&J sandwiches for them, and Graham and Jonah both love them now.  They used to hate them.

Needless to say, mornings are slightly crazy and chaotic.  It'll be worse when Drew starts school again in August, because I also make him breakfast before he leaves.  I think I'm just destined to spend all my time in the kitchen.  I am not complaining...I know that all too soon, this will no longer be an issue.  I just hope that when Graham and Drew move out, they're able to make their own stuff.  Drew better learn how to cook quick!  He is spoiled when it comes to this, and has never been interested in cooking for himself.  Graham will be fine.

Last night for dinner, Todd and I ate tomato sandwiches.  This is the ONLY time I want my sandwich bread slathered with mayonnaise.  I like big slices of tomato, and then I use plenty of salt and pepper.  We also had BLTs one night last week.  I am pretty sure I could eat that every night.  Tonight it's taco Tuesday!  My favorite night of the week, when I participate in this.  ;)  With the tacos, we will also have black beans and rice and key lime pie for dessert.  My mouth just watered!  I haven't made a key lime pie yet since it's been hot. 

I've been using this easy recipe for lemon/lime pies for a year now, and it couldn't be simpler!  All you do is zest and juice the lemons or limes until you have 3/4 cup (the zest adds a punch and makes it look pretty), add 1/2 cup sour cream and 2 cans of condensed milk.  Blend it all together well and bake at 350 for ten minutes.  I use a store bought graham cracker crust.  You can top with cool whip if you want, but why? 

As delicious as this as COLD, you should try it warm and fresh out of the oven.  Drew prefers it warm, but I'll take it anyway I can get it. 

Tomorrow night or Thursday night, I am making a breakfast casserole and pancakes.  We may have baked potatoes one night.  And then another night or two, we can have leftovers. 

I make big meals way less, in the summer time.  What are your go to ideas for summer dinners?  I would love to hear from you, I am always looking for inspiration.  (Chicken salad, tuna salad and anything similar are not favorites for a few of the boys.)  Mom will be glad if you answer my question.  I call her often and put her on the spot when I ask her this question. 

Have a great day!  Love to all. 

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