Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!  It's my favorite week day, the weather is nice, and the possibilities for the weekend are endless.  I love this day of the week! 

I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends, for this blog post. 

Here are some favorite moments/actual things from this week. 

This first one is one that I meant to share on yesterday's blog post, but I forgot.  It's something I found on Wednesday night, and I could have written every word of it myself.  I didn't though.  Rachel Martin wrote it, over at Finding Joy.  She is someone whose blog I have read for a long time, and she has really had a rough go at life in these recent years.  I loved what she had to say about the year she turned forty, and because I'm forty, I could relate to every word.  Click HERE to read the post.  People who are honest, open, and completely vulnerable are my favorite. 

Okay, on to the other part of this blog post.

Monday night was my favorite night of dinner this week.  We had chicken tortilla post, and if you want the recipe, scroll down a few posts.  It's under a dinner related title.  I think it was Todd's favorite, too.   And Drew's.  By the next night, the contents of this giant Dutch oven had been completely consumed. 

Also, this Dutch oven is one of my favorite kitchen things.  My mom bought it for me as a gift, while I was recovering from my hysterectomy a few years ago.  Kitchen things are ALWAYS better than mere flowers.  I couldn't wait to recover, just so I could use this thing.  I also use it all the time.  I've used it three times, this week alone.  It's also been a camping pot, and has been put over a camp stove.  It's heavy, but I love it so much.

Forgive the weird size, but this kid of mine.  Oh wow.  He is one of my favorites.  ;)  He gave me permission to send this to Marissa in a Snapchat on Monday night.  (Tuesday, maybe?)  He didn't know I took a screen shot of it, though.  On Monday, he cleaned out the pantry for me.

I love him.  Then the next night, he cleaned the garage.  He is awesome and will do anything for me, or for money.  Ha!

Toddley is also my favorite.  He's my number one, after Jesus.  This was a couple of weeks ago, and he had no idea I took a screen shot of this Snapchat either.  I love him.  On Wednesday night, we sat at the kitchen table for a good solid hour, talking about some things we really needed to discuss, parenting and college things.  We had a misunderstanding that day, and we talked about that too.  I cannot say enough that I would never want to be married to anyone other than this man.  He is the hardest working, smartest man I know, and he is the greatest dad ever. 

Saturday night, last weekend, at my dad's, was one of my favorite nights of the week.  This was Drew and Noah playing an old game they used to love to play at his house. 

This made me burst out in laughter when I saw it this week, and I immediately texted it to Missy.  For me, it's not the Sunday afternoon nap that is long, because I have choir practice every Sunday, but it's the post D-Now Sunday afternoon nap that makes me like this.  One of my first favorite friend moments with Missy was when we were at a camp two years ago in North Carolina.  We would walk to dinner each night together, and I called her on this particular day and asked if she was ready.  She said yes, but then she asked, "For what?"  I had woken her up from a very long nap, and she forgot where she was, and what day it was.  I still laugh thinking about it.  That was the year that Student Life tried to kill us all by making us walk all over the mountainous campground.  It was beautiful, but it was BRUTAL.  The next year we vowed to have a car.  Good times, good times. 

We all know that fingernail polishes are my favorite.  This is a new color that I want to get the next time I get my nails done.  :)  I love fun, fall colors. 

Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope your weekend is fabulous.  Love to all! 

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