Monday, June 26, 2017

the weekend

This was a whirlwind weekend!  I've been looking forward to this weekend for MONTHS and months, and I was so glad that it had finally arrived.

But first, I kicked off Friday with some really sweet time with Jesus.

I was praying for the upcoming weekend, and I ended up in reading a little in James five.  Shortly after my quiet time, I got up to get dressed.  That day I was attending Abbey's bridal luncheon.

It was a beautiful lunch!  The food was wonderful, and the company was entertaining.  I met some really cute little girls (the twins for the second time, and Aven for the first time).

They were the flower girls.  Madelyn, Audrey, and Aven are left to right.  Aren't they precious?  They're even more so in person.

After the luncheon, I came home and cleaned up a little and finished up some laundry to empty my machines for my family coming home that day, and then I took a nap.  :)  When Todd arrived at the church, I went and picked him up, started laundry, then we went to the rehearsal dinner.  I missed meeting my boys, but they came home and saw me before leaving for dinner.

It POURED at the rehearsal dinner, and the roof was moving.  It was a beautiful location for a dinner like this, and the food was amazing.  (I was impressed...that's usually not the case.)

We enjoyed meeting a lot of their families we didn't know, and catching up with people we hadn't seen in a while.

Saturday morning dawned bright and early for me, and I got started on all the camp laundry.

About ten loads worth, though pictured here are about three loads.

Noah brought me home some souvenirs.

I love receiving rocks like these from my boys.  It's been a few years, and I thought it was so sweet that he remembered that they used to do this.

Finally it was time for us to go to the church for the wedding.  We arrived a little early for pictures, and so some of her closest friends could pray over here before she walked down the aisle.

I took advantage of them being all gussied up.

And then, it was wedding time.  All I can say is that this was the most beautiful, worshipful wedding I have ever been to.  It was gorgeous, and I am pretty sure I cried almost throughout the entire ceremony.

The reception was short and sweet, and then they were off.

After church yesterday, my older boys had to pack for another week of camp, this time as counselors and staff.  And then they were off.

They're working at a camp called Royal Family Kids Camp, which is given for foster kids.  I would appreciate if you would help me pray for them throughout the week, that the kids would experience the love of Jesus like never before.

They'll be home on Friday afternoon.

Jonah, Noah, and I met Missy for dinner at McAlister's last night, then we grocery shopped, then we came home and watched the movie Sing.  Todd worked last night.  It was a GREAT weekend.  I'm glad this is our last quiet week, and that things will resume normal again next week.

Love to all!


Debbie Hammond said...

I could never have survived this week without you! Love you, Girl!

Nina Newswanger said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Is it hard seeing your boys so grown up, sometimes it makes me so sad thinking back to when mine we were little!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Debbie, it was my pleasure to be around this past week! I wouldn't have traded that time with your family for anything in the world. Love you!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Nina, sometimes I miss them being little, but I really love their ages right now. I've always asked the Lord to help me savor whatever stage they were in, and He has been so faithful to answer that. It helps knowing that our house is the hangout house, and that we know and love their friends so much. It's a really sweet age that they're all at right now. I love it so far! And having all these teenage boys around makes my heart incredibly happy. ;)

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