Tuesday, June 20, 2017

all by myself

(Sounds like a song, right?)  ;)

Several months ago, I made the decision to stay behind while the rest of my family went to youth camp.  Yesterday was the day I put them on the charter buses and said goodbye to the boys.  Todd left after church on Sunday with the other tech team guys so they could set things up early and be totally ready when the students arrived.  The reason I stayed behind was so that I could be here for my best friend this week of her wedding.  Abbey burst into tears when I told her my idea of staying here to be a support to her, so I am thankful that I made this decision.

Abbey is the dear one I've prayed with almost every week for the past two years.  We are closer than close, and so very much alike.  Her wedding is Saturday night!  We will be praying throughout the week and doing fun things together before Friday night.

I kinda thought I'd be really sad that I wasn't going to camp, but you know what?  I wasn't!  I was the opposite, in fact, and very excited to have a week at home alone!  It is not often (EVER) that I get alone time.  So what did I do all of yesterday, you wonder?  I'll share with you.

Well, before I start with that, I will say that Graham and Drew got home from the Navajo trip around eight Sunday night.  We rushed home to wash clothes, and then they packed for camp.  I dropped them off at nine yesterday and the buses left at nine forty.

Have you heard of Flat Stanley?  Well, I made Missy a Flat Jen to take with her to camp!

Talk about a whirlwind summer!

Here was my day after that:

My sweet friend Rhonda and I stayed and talked a while at the church.  She is such a dear lady, and her mom-in-love very unexpectedly died a few weeks ago.  God love her, every time she talks to me about this, I cry.  I don't know why, except that maybe it's just compassion for them, or maybe because her son Zach is one of Drew's best friends.  I don't know.  I blubber like a baby every single time we talk about this.  Rhonda is the one who gave me this journal.

Just a funny thing~a few weeks ago I bought a new journal.  I posted about it a few days after about the fact that I loved it, but as I started using it more, I noticed for the first time that the pages were perforated.  They keep tearing, and that drives me CRAZY!

Just yesterday morning, I was thinking of how much I would like a new journal, but I didn't want to buy one, because I had that other one that was new.  And then, Rhonda brought me this!  I started using it right away and will keep the other one for my grocery lists, or something.  I love this so much!

After we finished talking and when she had finished filling out some paperwork, she left, and then Abbey and I went to pray together.  "Our prayer room" was being used, though, so we had to go in a little classroom.

I came home and ate lunch.  I was so hungry because I didn't eat breakfast.

Then I took a nap.  Until Todd called or texted, and I woke up.


I let the dogs out, then left to get my nails done.  As I was pulling in, Mom was pulling in beside me!  It was totally unplanned, but we both ended up getting our nails done and manicures.

That was fun!  I love little unexpected things like that.

I went to the library right after that and took back a bunch of books that I didn't want to read anymore.  They were all kinda the same, and I didn't realize that when I borrowed them a week ago.  I exchanged them for few different authors and one new to me author.  I'm excited to try them.

I came home and let the dogs out, and fed them at four thirty, then went to my mom's at five.  We ate dinner and drank coffee and ate chocolate covered macadamia nuts, then at seven thirty, I headed back home.  I wanted to be home before it got dark, and while the boys are gone this week, I'm trying to leave Callie out of her kennel while I'm gone in short increments of time.  So far she's been alone for up to three hours, and she's done great.  I feel so bad for having to always kennel her when we leave.  She's two now, and I think we need to get her away from the kennel...the problem is that she loves it.  I put a new blanket in there last night for her, and I just leave the door open so if she wants to "get away", she can.

I watched a movie when I got home, then went to bed at ten thirty.  I'm so glad I slept good!  I don't always, when I'm alone.

I love the views at Mom's and Bill's house.

I sang and prayed the whole way there and home (does anyone else do that?) and then when I was back in town, I took my favorite road home.

This is my favorite road in all of Collierville.  I was going to take a couple of pictures of different houses, but I didn't want to be a creeper, in case anyone was watching.  I love scenic drives.  This road is Burrows, off of Poplar, for those of you who are local.

Other things I did included writing in my new journal, listening to Christmas music, crying a little when I thought of Drew, and how he was so exhausted yesterday morning that he didn't want to go to camp.  He did change his mind and went, but he is my one that doesn't like being gone for too long.  And he will be gone for a total of three weeks, when all their adventures are over and done with.  The reason I cried is because I'd been praying for him, for the Lord to strengthen him and encourage him, then I got a phone call from my hubby telling me that he was in Drew's cabin!  I thought that was so sweet, and totally unexpected, but the Lord just took care of the details, once again.

God is always good, but at times, He simply overwhelms me with how He shows me all the time that He hears my prayers and that He takes care of what I pray for.

Yesterday was one such time.

It was a great day!  Today I have more fun stuff on my agenda, but I will write more about that tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

p.s.  The boys all made it safely to camp!  I know they're having a blast and I don't expect to hear from them again until Friday.  I'm so thankful Todd is there with them!

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