Monday, May 29, 2017

the weekend, Memorial Day, and the unofficial start of sweet summer

First off, it's almost June!  There are two plans for this month, for scripture writing.  Both are topical, and both look wonderful.

I'm doing the one on forgiveness.  God keeps bringing to mind someone that I need to forgive, and it's no accident that He does that.  I love how He works like that, and my prayer is that I am always receptive to His sometimes gentle leading.

Sometimes it's more obvious when He is leading me to something, other times it's quiet and gentle.

To kick off our weekend, we had Graham at the airport at five in the morning on Friday.  A team of twenty two went to Guatemala, some then, others twenty four hours later, and this was us saying goodbye.

They were bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Except for Alex, whom I swatted for not smiling.

I only cried when Todd prayed over them.

We got some breakfast to bring home, then I took a nap.  So did Todd.  I had been up at three a.m., because I was so scared of sleeping through an alarm.

Todd went to work, I did some laundry, then I went to get my hair highlighted.

Nothing says "summer" like lighter hair!  Plus, after the year of torture I've put my hair through, I felt for the first time in that long that it was safe to do this again.  My friend Ginger does an awesome job, and at first I was disappointed that it was so subtle, but now, I really love it and I'm glad it's subtle.

I'm usually of the mindset (when it comes to hair color) of "go big or go home".

I came home, took another quick nap (I had two twenty minute naps that day), then left with my stepdad at four to go serve downtown at the Union Mission.  Our church was finishing out a week of revival for them, and a team of us led worship, then brother Tommy Vinson preached, and another team of people served dinner to over five hundred people.

It was awesome.

Look at all of those people!  It was a really great night.  I will be honest here and say that I was nervous about doing this, but now, I am so glad that I did.  It's just something way out of my comfort zone, but I am learning more and more to step outside that safe spot and let the Lord minister to me by stepping out in faith.  It's funny when you do something like this to go and be a blessing, but it always ends up turning, and being a blessing for you.

And I am so glad Bill went!  I enjoyed serving with him in this way, and I know he enjoyed it as well.

I pretty much came home and crashed after this.

On Saturday, Missy and I went shopping together.  We have never done that, except for one time on accident, and we had a blast.  I even bought myself a couple shirts and a fun little clutch that I can use sometimes instead of a big purse.  It's turquoise and adorable.  She bought a fun purse, too, and some clothes, and we had lunch together.

That night Todd decided at the last minute to go work for the sheriff's department, and we had the worst storm we've had in years.  The winds were hurricane force, and somehow (or by the grace of God), we all slept through it.

I watched the next session of my current bible study on Saturday night, because at one point, all the boys went swimming and I was alone.

Todd ended up working all night long and didn't get home until around eight.  He took a shower, then went to church to help with the tech stuff, as usual.  After church he came home and went to bed, and the boys and I went to Burger King.

I woke him a few hours later, then we all went to Mom's and Bill's for hamburgers and hot dogs.

The night was GLORIOUS.  I love a good cloud, y'all, and last night did not disappoint.

After we left there, we went to our friends' house (the Stubblefields) to welcome our honorary family member Marissa.  She and her mom drove in last night to move Marissa here for the summer, and maybe longer.  !!!  This is the dear one we met on the Navajo reservation last year, and whom we all love so much.

Today we are taking it easy, and everyone is still asleep.  The dogs woke me up at six something, so I've basically been up with the sun, and now I am about to have quiet time.  I'm doing things backwards today.  I love days like this, when we have nothing planned.  Well, actually, that's not true...I did make plans to invite over some of their friends to watch La La Land tonight!  I thought I'd make a bunch of hot dogs and Rotel, and then we'll watch the movie.  I'm sure Todd, Jonah, and Noah are thrilled.  Ha!

I am, that is for sure.

Happy Memorial day...I am so very grateful to all who have served our country in this honorable way, and for those who laid down their lives for our freedom.  I always think of my childhood best friend, Stacy, and her family on this day...several years ago, they lost their beloved Chad in combat.  My prayers and thoughts are always with them.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Love to all.

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