Monday, March 27, 2017

the weekend

This was such a busy, but great weekend!  I think every single minute was jam packed, but it was full of goodness and fun with family and friends.

On Friday, I got my day started off bright and early, and by 7:45, was deep in conversation with my best friend, Christa.  (Y'all, I almost typed out "Christmas" when I was spelling her name.)  We got all caught up on what's going on in each of our lives (she lives in Springfield, Missouri), and by the end of the forty five minutes, I think we both felt refreshed.  #ironsharpensiron

After our conversation, I read in Psalm 13, and I was reminded of our conversation, and something we prayed for together over the phone.

I love her.  I'm hoping to see her soon, because I need my fix.

That afternoon, Graham and Drew went to two of the March Madness games at the Forum with their friends.  They had incredible seats (center court, sixth row) and had a blast.  I was in bed when they got home.  #earlyriser

While they were there, Jonah, Noah and I went to my mom's and stepdad's to visit and to eat dinner with them.  Look at these beautiful flowers...can you believe those were turnip greens?!  I had no idea they looked like that.

(Left to right: Noah, Bill, and Jonah looking for Graham, Drew and their friends on the game.)

On Saturday all the boys in my house went out to Millington (about forty five minutes away) to watch some drag racing.  Some guys from the show Street Outlaws were there, and they got to meet them and get autographs.  The rain postponed the races, though, so they went back yesterday.

While they were there, Missy came and picked me up (they'd taken my car and I hate driving Drew's truck) and we ran an errand, had lunch, and went to a baby shower together.

It was a fun day, and I loved being with her and getting caught up.  We don't get a ton of time together and always have lots to talk about.

This was sweet Melinda, the mom we showered with love at church.  Her husband AJ is our young family's pastor, but he used to be the middle school youth pastor.  We love the Keytes and baby Ronin James!

After this, a couple of really sweet students came home with me (girls) and when the boys all got home, we went to dinner and to a hockey game with their parents.

It was such a fun night!

On Sunday we were at church in the morning, then we went to lunch with Todd's parents to celebrate his dad's birthday.  After that we split up again so three of the boys and Todd could go watch more drag racing, then Drew and I came home for a few minutes.  I changed shoes and he took me to choir practice.  After that was community group, then Missy and I went and got ice cream and drove around and talked more, because both of our homes were empty, so why not?  Once I got home, Todd was here, and we watched an episode of The Voice, then I crashed.

Can you blame me?!

It was so busy, but oh, so fun.  This week is shaping up to look the same way, but I'm ready for it.

Thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all.

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