Monday, January 23, 2017

the weekend

It seems like I blinked and the weekend was over.  It's funny how some are just like that.  On Friday morning, Drew and I went to an eye doctor appointment.  I picked out some new frames, with updated lenses (mine have changed a bit), and we found out that he is slightly nearsighted, but not enough to make him wear glasses if he doesn't want.  So, he decided to wait on those for now.  They can be a crutch if you wear them when you don't absolutely have to, and I appreciated the doctor saying that.

I can't wait to get mine!  Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I'll have them.

My dad was here right after I left and while Drew and I were gone, the other three boys and Dad watched President Trump be sworn in to office.  I'm not discussing politics on here, but what a cool thing for them to experience.  I loved that they watched with Dad...with him being typical Dave, he interjected thoughts and little mini lessons for them throughout.

That night we went to dinner at my in-love's house.  We had a sweet family member in town for one night as she moves from Maine to Colorado and is driving across country.  Jan is a sweet, sweet girl, and we got to hear some of her stories about how she hiked the Appalachian trail this past year.  All two thousand one hundred and eighty nine miles.  (I think that's accurate...we talked about this Friday night.)  When we came home, the older boys met their friends at the movies.

On Saturday, Drew and I went to my friend Tarin's funeral.  It was such a beautiful service, and I plan on sharing some about it later this week.  I'm so glad we went, and that Drew saw Cannon and that I saw some sweet friends who I've not seen in ages.  This was a ribbon they handed out.  Tarin was passionate about ovarian cancer awareness, which is where hers started.

That night I made a GIANT pot of taco meat (like more than five pounds) and we had nachos that fed SIX teenage boys and Todd and me.  We had a tiny bit of meat left over, so Drew added it to the Rotel.  After dinner, they had some friends over, but I ended up going to bed with a headache.  (Crazy Memphis weather!)

Yesterday was spent at church in the morning and afternoon for choir practice, and we had community group last night, where I talked about my personal quiet time.

This is basically what I shared with them last night.  I pray that all those sweet girls know the importance of spending time with God each and every day.  I am accountability partners with one of them, and love that she came to me.  I want them all to come to one of us for this, because it's hard to develop this habit.  I know it'll be much harder for them in the future, though, if they don't.  So that's my prayer for them.  That they would all know that Jesus is the treasure, and that it's so important to spend time with Him each day in prayer and through reading His word.

I am so thankful that God gave me such a longing for Him and His word, and I pray that He does that same thing for them.  

It was a great weekend...I hope yours was too!  Thanks for reading my blog.  Love to all.  

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