Monday, November 28, 2016

the weekend

What an amazing four days in a row with my favorite people.  It was such a great holiday and weekend.  On Friday, I needed to make a run to Hobby Lobby, so I ran and picked up my friend Missy and we went together.  I was so surprised that it wasn't crowded at all.  I kinda forgot about the whole Black Friday thing, because I never participate in that, but I needed a couple of things.  Well, perhaps I didn't NEED them, but I WANTED a couple of things.

It was fun, running that errand together, and it's been AGES since Missy and I have had the chance to sit and catch up.  It was much needed.

That night, we had a 50th anniversary vow renewal and reception to attend.  I love this sweet couple!

I started reading this book on Saturday (I think it was Saturday), and I am almost done with it now.

While Todd took my car somewhere, my mom, sister and I went out to a couple of places in Germantown, then had lunch and made our way back home.  Trish came back at four and she, the boys and I rode out to my Dad's house together.

There is NO place like home.  Todd missed out and stayed home for the Iron Bowl game that Alabama and Auburn were playing in and went to bed early because he felt sick.  (Whatever it was passed, thank goodness.)

We ate dinner, then went to Zoo Lights.

It was a really fun night.  We didn't get back home until almost ten thirty and I went straight to bed, because I had to be at church early yesterday morning.

After church, Jonah, Noah and I went to Taco Bell with the Holmes (our youth pastor and his family) and caught up, because it seems like it's been AGES since I've had time with them.  I had to be back at church by three for praise team practice, then choir practice at four, then community groups after.

Some goofy guys showed up as elves, and on the verge of being inappropriate (hahahaha) and then the girls made paper snowflakes for this Friday night's coffee house after our parade.

We have LOTS on our agenda this week!  Lots.  A possible dinner out for me tonight, then our Christmas tree lighting on the town square, church on Wednesday night, a Christmas concert on Thursday night, parade on Friday night and another Christmas concert in Jackson, TN on Saturday night.

Are you tired yet?  I am.  But I love this time of year!  I'm so thankful for all these traditions and that it brings about time with my family.

More than that, though?  I love Jesus and the fact that all of this is about HIM and what He did for us, and the hope we have in Him.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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