Thursday, September 22, 2016

three things

I got this idea from another blog that I like to read, and I thought I'd do my own version.  Here are three things that each of my family members love or are all about right now.

He has no idea I took this picture of him while he was cleaning out his sheriff's department bag one afternoon.  We were laughing at all the JUNK he had in that one bag!  It was like watching clowns get out of a tiny car.  The stuff just kept on coming.

1.  Alabama football is back on, and all is well again, within the walls of my house.  This is his favorite time of year and football season in the South is a real thing, y'all.  Maybe not just in the South, but it's obvious by all the yard signs and flags you see flying out of car windows.

2.  The technical ministry at our church is where Toddley spends a lot of time.  He loves being involved and serving in this area, and this week, he, Graham and a friend from our church are all at a technical conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  They left on Tuesday and are coming home late tonight.  I am so thankful he has this ministry to be involved in!  And I'm doubly thankful that he was able to go to this conference.  They've had a great time together and I know he will come home refreshed.

3.  He discovered one night very late, that he loves the show The Big Bang Theory.  He stayed up way too late watching it with Graham, and a few days later when I told him I wanted us to watch something together, he suggested this show.  So every few nights, we watch episodes that our friends loaned us and laugh ourselves silly.  I like watching this with him, and it's an easy way for us to spend time together.  We both love to laugh.

Oh, Graham.  My senior son is making me proud and extra weepy all the time nowadays.  Proud because he is humble and the Lord keeps working on his heart.  He is not perfect, trust me, but I have seen him grow spiritually by leaps and bounds in the past year.  I couldn't help but take a moment to praise God for how Graham loves Him.  His notebook and Bible were laying out on the counter in the kitchen Monday, and I flipped through them both, my heart delighting in his detailed and neat notes from the sermons on Sunday and seeing his highlights and notes in the margins of his Bible.

"I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth."  3 John 1:4

All praise and glory to Jesus Christ, for drawing them to Himself.

1.  Graham is co-teaching a Sunday school class of middle school boys.  He loves doing this, and I am thankful that someone believed in him enough to draw him out and ask him to help with this class.  As believers, it's so important for us to always be pouring out in someone else.  He has taken on this group of boys with a glad heart, and I am proud of him for this.  Also, he has taken on some new and younger than him friends that he reaches out to, and I am glad that the Lord is showing him to look out to OTHERS, not just the same old friends he's always been with.  (Though he loves them, too.)

2.  Graham was put in charge of all things technical in the youth on Wednesday nights, and he has tackled this with diligence and fervor.  He loves this ministry (just like his dad) and takes joy in going there whenever he's needed and early every Wednesday to help set up for that night.  It's teaching him to always be looking ahead, too, like when he was gone last night, he had to go up there earlier in the week to set up and get the music all ready for the screens for Wednesday night.

3.  Graham LOVES to binge watch shows on Netflix.  He came downstairs Monday night and said, "I want to bury my head somewhere and cry.  I finished the last season I had to watch of The Big Bang Theory, and nobody has season nine."  He might be purchasing this soon.

Drew loves to laugh, obviously, as you see this picture.  Seriously, he always has such joy, and I love that about him.

1.  Drew has been memorizing Scripture lately.  There's this awesome college student who's on staff part time at our church, and he is constantly feeding into my boys, getting them to come alongside him as he memorizes Scripture.  They've done some out of Ephesians, and last week he finished up James 1.

2.  Drew is kinda the diligent one at home, and he keeps everyone in line.  He is always making sure that they've all done what they're supposed to be doing and he is the motivator of everyone else in the house.  I am so thankful he is like this, because his brothers look up to him for this quality.

3.  Drew has this thing lately, that whatever he does, if it's something that's funny (or gross), he will say, "Graham did it."  We laugh, because he never excepts the blame for what we know he did.  He's crazy.  And funny, too, though, because we always laugh at him.  Or with him, whichever is your preference.

Jonah NEVER lets me take his picture, so imagine my delight when he let me take this several weeks ago.  Alex brought down this little one, and we had fun making him laugh while he was here.

1.  Jonah LOVES Alabama football, just like his dad.  (Really, they all do, but Jonah loves it more than any of the others.)  He is really into all football games, and to the horror of his dad, has been known to trash talk a time or two.  Todd has tried to teach all of them not to do that, because nobody likes a trash talker.

2.  Jonah has been on a reading kick lately, and that makes me so happy!  He even asked me to take him to the library, which we haven't done yet.  Maybe today we'll go.  He loved the book, My Side of the Mountain and is currently reading its sequel, The Far Side of the Mountain.

3.  He also loves information and researching things.  He found a recipe for us to make Mountain Dew ice cream this week and wrote out the ingredients and the recipe and instructions for us to have it that night.  It wasn't that good, though, to the disappointment of all of the boys.

I love this picture of Noah from our Navajo trip this summer.  He loves kids so much, and reminds me a lot of Drew.

1.  Noah always prays for us, and he volunteers to do this all the time.  I love that he is fearless in this, and it doesn't matter where we are or who we are with.  I love how he so earnestly prays.

2.  Noah has been loving the trampoline.  Just recently, we bought a new mat for ours, because the old one did not last.  He is usually the one who gets people to join him out there and he'll sometimes just lay there, basking in the sun.

3.  Noah loves to watch movies, and anytime it's just us downstairs, he'll ask to do this.  His current favorite is Need For Speed, because it's all about fast cars.  That's another thing he is into lately.  He follows all kinds of accounts on Instagram that are known for this.

I won't post a picture of myself, but I'll tell you what I've been into lately.

1.  I love studying the Bible, and on Tuesday night I started a study on the book of 2 Timothy.  I know it's going to be good!  I love the fellowship that comes from being in a small group with like-minded women.  As we shared prayer requests the other night, my heart was thrilled to be back together.

2.  Gilmore Girls.  I've been re-watching so that I'll be fresh for when the reunion show comes out in November.

3.  I've been all about keeping my home tidy and organized lately.  I've been cleaning every few days and lighting candles and pulling out all the yummy smelling soaps I've got laying around.  I have even cleaned out some cabinets in my kitchen and in the bathrooms.  I love doing this, mainly because when I do a little at a time, I never get overwhelmed with how much there is to do.  There IS a method to my madness.

Well.  All the kids are up at last.  I guess I'd better get started on this day.  I'm looking forward to dinner out with two dear friends tonight!  And Toddley and Graham will be home later tonight!  I'm excited about that because I sleep better when Todd's at home.

I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat.

Love to all.

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