Thursday, June 23, 2016

things I love right now

I have listened to these before, but I love it right now.  It's mindless and funny and highly entertaining, and who doesn't love listening to a couple of great Southern accents?  These are the two ladies whose blogs I've read forever and that turned into a couple of my favorite authors.  Sophie is the author of Giddy Up Eunice, which I'm about to start.

Here is a link if you want to hear their podcast.

The only reason why I am showing this picture above is to show you what my fingernails still looked like after nine days of me being really hard on them.  I got my nails done before we left for Arizona, and yesterday was the two week mark and y'all, there is still not a chip on them.  They've grown out quite a bit, but the polish is still in great condition.  I love the color and I love that fact that I've not had to redo them yet.  It is shellac, and I know there are all kinds of health concerns probably, but we'll just keep that little tidbit to ourselves.

This week is the week our church is hosting backyard kids clubs all over the town of Collierville.  We had nineteen kiddos show up last night (I missed Monday and Tuesday nights, because mission trip) and it was a blast.  I love that our church takes "church" outside the church walls.  After the BKC's were over, the youth had a swimming party.  After being so unbelievably hot, that pool felt absolutely delightful.  I forced Missy to go with me and to swim with me, and she was so glad once she got in.

I'm sure she missed me while I was gone.  :)

I'm loving my memories from our trip.  I keep catching myself going to my phone and looking through my pictures.  I can't stop looking, especially at pictures like this, of something I've wanted to see for so long and know that now, I've seen it.  This trip was special in so many ways, and this is just another small aspect of that.

My sister Debi is flying home today!  I cannot WAIT to see her!  It's been ages since she's been able to make the long trek home, and I know it'll be a whirlwind, but I will take any amount of time I can get.  My sister Lisa was home about a month ago, and I was so sad that I didn't get to see her anymore than what I did, but still...any amount of time was better than none.  (And I never told her this, but the last night I saw her here, I cried the entire way home.  The boys did not even know what to do about that and me.)

Well.  The Big Boo Podcast is almost done, so that's my queue to get off the blog.  Love to all.

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