Tuesday, May 3, 2016

(yet) another list of random

Believe it or not, yesterday, Jonah mentioned the C-word.  (Christmas.)  We are wrapping up our school year and have free time on our hands during the days, and he was looking on Amazon yesterday and came across something he really liked.  And then actually said the words, "I think I'm going to want this for Christmas."  I suggested that he go ahead and just start a list.  I don't know if he did or not, but I know how our memories are in this house and figured he'd better write it down somewhere.

Last night while browsing Facebook, I came across this picture that my sister Debi posted of her dog, Cowboy.

(Debi, if you're reading this, please excuse me while I laugh again.)  Y'all.  This is the mud season in Denver, because of the snow that seems to keep falling on random days.  It'll be snowy one day and seventy degrees the next, hence all the mud.  (It hardly ever rains in Denver, did you know that?)  Anyway.  This sweet puppy nudged her gate open yesterday and had himself a party in the mud in her yard.  I laughed ridiculously hard at this picture, because can't you just hear him saying, "What, Mom?  I didn't do anything!"

I know it's not as funny when you have to deal with it, but seriously, I laughed so hard.  Right after this, she also found some cushions on her patio furniture that he shredded.  #oops

I suggested that she buy some some cheap cushions to get them through his puppy years.

I also laughed because yesterday our dog did something mischievous as well~I caught Callie chewing on our banister at the bottom of the stairs, while she looked up the stairs longingly, where we were.  I think she has some separation anxiety, so we're going to have to start letting her up the stairs while we're up there each day.

Yup, this one.  Doesn't she seem so sweet and innocent?  You should hear her bark.  People are actually terrified of coming inside my house, because she sounds like she is going to kill them as they walk in the door.

It's especially funny when you have a house full of teenagers over, and she barks suddenly, and they all jump or scream or throw things.  That actually happens.  She is fierce.

As I write this post, I am listening to a radio talk show online.  I love Nancy Wolgemuth.  She used to be Nancy Leigh Demoss.  She has a couple of guests on her show today and they're talking about prayer, something that you know is very near and dear to my heart.

I came across a really great article this morning, on the topic of using a journaling Bible.  I own one of these, so don't think I'm being judgmental, because I use mine sometimes.  If you are my friend on Facebook, you can see it on my page.  The author of the blog isn't being judgmental either, she just warns of how that can quickly become an idol, if we're not careful.  When the activity takes precedence over spending quiet time with God in prayer and in His word each day, you might have a problem with this.

I had a friend come over yesterday morning.  She had asked if I would write out some certificates for her for an event that she helps out with at her son's school, and she was bringing them by for me to do really quickly.  We ended up talking for half an hour almost, her with workout clothes on and no makeup, and me in my robe still.  We decided while she was here, that we should just meet for lunch every once in a while, and we made plans to do that today.

I love unexpected little moments of times with friends, and she is someone I really look up to in my faith.  We both had some God stories that we shared yesterday morning, and it was very encouraging.  And being her sweet self, she texted me yesterday and told me she was praying for a situation I'd told her about.  It came at exactly the right moment, and I really think God burdened her in that moment to pray.

He is so good, y'all.  His timing and His ways are perfect.

Yesterday the weather was so nice after the rain moved out of our area.  I love a crisp day, and it was just like that, with a tiny chill in the air after all the rain we had over the weekend.  I told the boys I was going to go for a walk, and they all told me bye.  As I walked outside my garage and turned to shut the door, I heard, "Mom!  Wait for me.  I want to go with you!"  Drew grabbed his basketball and off we went.  I posted this picture on Instagram.

And this is how I feel about Drew going with me (or any of the boys, should they want): As much as I love being alone, I know that in a few short years, I will have all of that I want.  These days are traveling by with lightning speed.  I am so thankful that God chose ME to be the mom to these boys.  I love my boys, but more than that, I genuinely like them and love being around them.  I love that they tell me everything and I love even more, that they want my advice on how to handle situations that come up.  I do not take these moments lightly, and I pray every morning, that God will give me wisdom on how to parent them.  So for thirty minutes, I thoroughly enjoyed walking with my middle boy.  As I walked, he dribbled his basketball, then he talked on the phone to his dad.

And about his dad.

I thank God for my husband and for the wisdom God gives him in parenting.  The way that he is teaching our boys by example is simply astonishing to me, and I am so proud to be his wife.  I say all the time that we are not just raising boys.  We are raising future husbands and fathers, and he is teaching them how to lead a family.  I have to pray and ask God all the time for wisdom on how to let him lead us in our marriage and home life.  It's a definite work in progress.  Some days it is easy to be submissive to him, and other days it is impossible, but God gives me what I need to be able to do what His word tells me to do.

For all of these things, I am thankful.

Well, an hour has passed since I started this blog post, and I have to get started on some housework before my lunch date.  Love to all.

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