Tuesday, April 19, 2016

a day in the life, Sunday edition

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On my weekly planner, every Sunday, I write the letters CHURCH really big, across that whole section.  This post will show you why.  I only have two pictures, so bear with me, as you'll have to envision the crazy.

I try to wake early each week and maximize my time alone in my bathroom.  We only have two full baths (plus one half bath) and we all share.  So three of us use mine and the other three use theirs.  In my bathroom are Todd, Drew and myself.  I'm almost always the first one up, so I get it to myself.  On this particular day, I woke up at six and showered and somewhat dried my hair before coming downstairs.  I let the dogs out and grabbed a cup of coffee and came into the living room.  I watched a bit of the news, then wrote out my scripture for that day.

I went back upstairs with cup of coffee number two and finished drying my hair and woke everyone up.  Todd, in his usual Sunday morning fashion, fixed his hair, brushed his teeth, threw on his clothes and left for the church.  He has to be there by eight or so, and some weeks, I have to be there by eight thirty, when I sing on a praise team.  This was not that week, though.  

The kids all woke up and I finished getting dressed.  I made my bed and straightened up a bit and came downstairs to wait on the boys.  I drank my breakfast that morning, and the kids had goldfish and chocolate milk.  (Weird, I know.)

Also, on this day, all four of our vehicles ended up at the church, and that won't always happen.  Drew and I left at nine ten, he and Jonah and Noah in his vehicle, me in my mine, and Graham met us there twenty minutes later.  He doesn't move quickly in the mornings, like his dad.

Sunday school is from nine fifteen until ten thirty, but I have to be in choir by ten fifteen, so Abbey and I walked together.  We put our stuff down in the sanctuary to save our seats, then headed up the stage stairs to the choir room.  Church lasts until just after twelve, so afterward, we usually end up going different ways.  Graham went to lunch with some friends afterward, Drew went to his friend girl's house for their lunch, Todd stayed at the church for some huge project and I went to McAllister's with some friends and Jonah and Noah.  

After that, they wanted to go over to their friends' house, so I brought them home to change and took them over there, and then I took a tour of their house they just moved into.  Graham was coming home as I was leaving.  I was there for thirty minutes, maybe, then had to come back home for a few minutes before going to church again.  I have to be there at three on Sunday's, for praise team practice, then regular choir practice starts at four.  It goes until five thirty, but I leave at five fifteen, so I can come home and make sure my house is presentable.  I host the ninth and tenth grade community groups at my house each Sunday night.

On this day, it was not, but the boys came home at five thirty to fix that.  We have to put the cats in my room and feed the dogs, and the playroom needs to be straightened up, because all the boys go up there during community group.  I have to make the drinks and put out a trash bag and get all the plates, napkins and cups set out, and I always make a pot of coffee.

On this particular night, the junior boys were joining us, because their leaders were not able to be at their group that week.

And starting at five forty five, kids start arriving and some don't leave until close to eight.  This was only a small portion of the kids that were here this week.  I would guess that about twenty were here this week.  Also, there are five leaders~four ladies (two for each grade) and one man for the guys.  This is one of my most favorite things ever each week.  I love having a full house!  My heart is the happiest in these moments when it's bursting with life and energy.  I also happen to love all the leaders that are here each week, and most weeks, they stay longer while we talk.  I am only the host each week, I don't do any of the leading.  

On this night, Graham and Drew went to the church to play basketball in the gym with friends, but it was closed, so they came back home with Jonah and Noah and three or four friends and played here.  Todd found his way back home after being at the church all day, and shortly after that, I was done with the day and headed upstairs.  I grabbed a bag of animal crackers and a glass of milk and took it up with me.

And Skippy smelled the milk and wanted some, so I poured her some and proceeded to hold it for her until she was full and happy again.  She is really old, and sometimes I think we need to have her put to sleep, because I think she might be really sick, but we HATE saying goodbye to our pets and are procrastinating.  For now, she's okay, though.  

I went to bed and watched an episode of Army Wives, and fell asleep.  I woke long enough to put my tablet on the nightstand, and then I fell right back to sleep.  

And that is almost every single Sunday.  I am so thankful we live a couple blocks from church, that makes it so much easier not having a long drive time.  Also, I love this day of the weekend and I love my church family.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of such an awesome group of believers, and I love all the teenagers God has placed in my life.  That's where most of my friends have come from, and I have so much fun with them.  

Thanks for reading about that exhausting day.  Love to all!

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