Monday, February 8, 2016

weekend recap

It was a great weekend.  This weekend, I spent Friday night and Saturday with some of my favorite people from church, at a conference called Downline Summit.  I went to this last year and loved it, and this year's version was just as great.  This conference is put on by Downline Institute, a nine month discipleship intensive program for people of all ages.  I would love to go through this someday, even if it's not until all my kids have graduated from high school.  #priorities

This year it was held at a huge church in our area, one called Hope Church.  Each session started with worship, which was amazing.

And then there were TIM talks.  (Like TED talks?)  The TIM stands for something, but I can't remember.  Each session was really, really good.  This is a conference that teaches you about being a disciple and a disciple maker.

My favorite speaker was Jen Wilkin, author of Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both our Hearts and Minds.  Everything she said was biblical and practical.

My other favorite speaker was the preacher of a church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, named Robby Gallaty.  He might be one of the most intelligent people I have ever heard speak on the bible, and believe it or not, in 2003, he was addicted to drugs.  He said that he had a major Paul-like conversion within twenty four hours, much to the dismay of his Roman Catholic father.

On Saturday, we were able to choose two break out sessions that we wanted to attend.  I chose Jen Wilkin first.

And she spoke on how your quiet time should change you, and that there is a wrong way and a right way to go about this.

I took good notes for my friend Abbey, because she went to a different workshop.  After the first workshop came lunch, then workshop two, then the last few TIM talks.  This year we had more of us attend from church.

A few of the people that went weren't with us for this picture, but there were about ten of us in attendance.  It was a great conference.  I plan to look back on my notes some this week, and consider them as I pray about being better at this thing called discipleship.  My first priority is to those that God gave me~my boys.  Everyone else should come after them.

So, there was a game on last night?  Kidding, kidding....I had choir practice right up until game time, and then I met my family at our friends' house.  I stayed until halftime, then left because my head was hurting so bad.  I came home and put on my pajama's, pulled out my journaling bible and supplies and played a Hallmark movie.  Within an hour, my headache had gone away.

I wasn't into the game, obviously, but I always enjoy the food and the commercials.  Now that it's Monday, though, and I'm watching The Today Show replay some of them, they weren't that good.

Today is going to be a quiet and lazy day, and I am thankful for that.  I hope your day is great!  Love to all.

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