Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday with Noah

Due to the fact that my kids did extra school work Tuesday night and so that they could go to work with Todd yesterday, my Wednesday was just Noah and me.  It was a great day!  Thanks to the wonderful Memphis weather, some of us are battling sinus issues right now.  We feel great in the daytime, but in the morning it's rough.

This boy woke up with a horrible headache yesterday and just had to lay there for a bit until the medicine kicked in.

One thing that I love about dogs is the fact that they can sense when you're not feeling well.  Noah got a drink yesterday morning, took some medicine, then laid down on the couch.  Almost the minute that he laid down, these two pups jumped up there with him.  It's almost like they try to absorb whatever is making you feel bad.  I love them.

(Most of the time.)

Noah requested Subway for lunch, so we got dressed and left for lunch and a few errands.

I couldn't help but thank God for the time I had with him yesterday.  As the baby in the family, he often is quiet because the others are so loud.  When it's just the two of us, I never can help but be amazed at him, and his heart.  He is so kind and compassionate with every person and thing that he comes across, animals included.  I have always thought that he should consider going into veterinary school because of how much animals love him.  The last time we talked about the future, though, he told me he wants to be in the navy.

As we sat and ate lunch and talked, we talked about a little of everything.  He has some really deep thoughts, to be such a young boy.  (Well, I suppose he's not THAT young.)

After lunch we went and bought him some jeans, which he looked really good in.  I cannot keep any of these boys in clothes lately!  After that, we made a run to Barnes & Noble.  I had a gift card and I am almost out of room in my journal, so at the recommendation of a friend, I went there to pick one out.  Noah got one, too.  He was the last of the boys to get a journal, and I am so proud that all four of them now use one.  Jonah just got one on Monday, but Graham and Drew have had theirs for a while.  We all use them to take notes in church, but I am encouraging them to use them for more than that, like to keep up with where they read in the bible and what they pray for.  Here's mine that I bought.

I LOVE getting a new journal.  I always want to start it right away, but I am finishing my other one first.

Our last stop was at Walmart, for more medicine, then it was home for naps.  Seriously...both of us were so tired while we were out, that when we got home, we turned a show on and promptly fell asleep.  I made some coffee so that I could push through the rest of our night.  (I love this mug that my sister Lisa bought for me at Christmas!)

It was a really sweet day.  We had church last night, then I retired upstairs pretty early so I could enjoy a long, hot bath.

I am so thankful to God for the fact that He entrusted me with these boys that we have.  They're surely not perfect, but they are always in the process of being refined and molded into what God has for them.  And though they try my patience on some days, I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything in the world.  I know that as their mom, they are my number one priorities to pour into.  As much as I love teenage girls, these boys are my greatest investment.  I pray daily (sometimes hourly!) that I use my time wisely with them, and that they ALWAYS love God with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength, and that they love their neighbors as themselves.

For the praise and glory of Christ Jesus.

Love to all.


Shari said...

It was great to see you yesterday. I am glad that you two enjoyed your day together! 😊

Jennifer Goodwin said...

It was good seeing you too, my friend! I know we are good at just saying it, but we really should just schedule a day when we can meet for lunch or breakfast! I miss seeing you!

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