Wednesday, December 16, 2015

another fun Christmas thing to do

When I was a young girl (in seventh grade, I believe), I attended a sleepover for my friend Vicky.  As part of her party, we went to a performance of The Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue.  (If you're not local to me, that is a mega church in our area.)  It was breathtaking, and I never forgot going.  

I never went back, after that one time, and last week, we were invited to go with some friends from church.  

So last night, Todd came home early and we all dressed up in our church clothes, then headed to Cordova, where we met Todd's parents at a little place we love to eat, called Abner's.  Our friends got there after we'd ordered, so we ate a quick dinner and headed to the church.  

It was amazing!  It is exactly what it sounds like~a giant Christmas tree that sings.  There are people that stand inside of it, and when Jonah, Noah and Alex saw people come out of the tree, their minds were blown.  

It was beautiful.  It wasn't just music, it was also a play, and that part changes every year.  There were fancy lights and flying angels and live animals, and we enjoyed every second.

We took Graham's friend girl, Rachel, and Alex.

Here's one of the friends we went with, Tiffany.  Our husbands disappeared after the show, so it was just the two of us left for a picture.

It was a fun night!  I love Drew in the background.  

I love doing things like this at Christmas, and because of my love for all things musical, I especially enjoyed myself.  The others did as well.  

Love to all!

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