Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life This Week

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  I have accepted the fact that this is just the busy season for my family.  I don't know if it's going to last a couple weeks, or if it will be this way until after Christmas.  Either way, I'm good with it and I accept that fact.  I will tell you one thing, though~I am always super thankful that we homeschool during the month of December.  Our habit in years past has been to do extra work in the months before December so that we can enjoy a day off here and there between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love that little tidbit, and I am thankful for the flexibility we have with schooling for our family.

Here is a little bit of what we've been up to so far this week.

On Monday morning, we were straightening up before the kids started with their school work, and in doing that, Noah asked if we could put the Christmas flannel sheets on his bed.  You know me, and you know that I was MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige his precious little heart's desire to spread Christmas cheer.  :)  So we dug through the boys' linen closet in their bathroom, and we sure did pull out those cute little sheet sets.

Noah's bottom bunk has the polar bear and snowflake sheets, and Jonah's bunk has Christmas reindeer.  They also decided that they not only wanted the fitted sheet, but also the flat sheet and a real comforter.  {They usually sleep on the fitted sheet with just a warm and cozy blanket covering them.}  I love how cute their room is!  They don't love the yellow walls and are begging for new paint, but we'll have to wait and see.  I know it won't happen until after the new year, but maybe in time for their thirteenth birthday.

Shortly after I took this picture, my friend texted me and told me she was ready for me to come to the church and for us to pray together.  {She'd had a morning meeting that got pushed back.}  I love this precious friend!

Last year and at the beginning of this year, God started birthing an idea in both of our hearts, and little did we know that He had done that until a few months later, about the time that spring time rolled in.  We were talking and catching up one day, and when we discovered that we BOTH WANTED A FAITHFUL PRAYER PARTNER, we made the commitment to just start.  So we did, and we haven't looked back.

{I do have to confess here, though, that this was difficult in the summer months, when she is crazy busy and again from August until just a few weeks ago.  She is going back to school, so we will have to continue to move around and be flexible with our time, but it's something that we are committed to doing faithfully each week, and it's one of the first things each week that we both do.  That was another thing that was important to us both.}

If you do not have or have never had a prayer partner, may I encourage you to find one?  Make it a weekly commitment and stick to it.  Satan wants us to forget commitments like this and he wants to distract us and keep us busy.  Don't let him.  I urge you to find someone!  There is nothing quite like praying with another like minded believer, my friends.  God will knit your hearts together in a way that only He can do, the way He has done for my sweet Abbey and me.  You can have that, too!

I am so thankful for the way that He works in my life, and how He gives us desires in our hearts that will honor Him.  I don't ever want to take a day of that for granted.

After we prayed, my kids stayed at the church to go eat with their two favorite guys, and a couple of my favorites as well, our youth pastors, AJ and Jason.  I am so thankful for these additional Godly men that God has given to my kids.  They can never have too many.

I came home and finished up dinner and by the time we were all back together under one roof, I discovered that my dinner was, in fact, terrible.  I threw it all down the disposal and Graham went out for pizza.  We had a Beethoven movie marathon, then the boys watched football for the rest of the evening.

I did my bible study homework.  My homeschool group wrapped up our study in 1 Peter last week, and this week we started Daniel.

I know I've said it a million times, but I love studying the Precept Upon Precept way.  This is how I do it!  I get all my colored pens and I color all over the observation sheets.  {Not really, I mark them up to see all the words that are repeated over and over.}  Needless to say, I love Daniel, and once I started, I couldn't stop!  I proceeded to sit there and do all five days of the homework.

It. Is. So. Good.

On Tuesday morning the boys all finished up their school work and we went and had lunch with my mom at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  After lunch we went to our church, to decorate a table for that night's women's event, Tablescapes.  I'd promised to help my friend Sunday, and since my sweet mom is the queen of all things decorative, I enlisted her help as well.  We had so much fun doing this, and the event last night was so much fun!  Here is my sweet friend, Sunday.  {She also happens to be the wife of our new amazing youth pastor.  I am so thankful to God for their family!  They love my boys so much and we love them and their family so much!  God answered every single prayer I ever uttered about them, and even above and beyond what I prayed and asked.}

And our beautifully decorated table is behind us.  :)

I came home afterward and painted my fingernails while Noah watched another Beethoven movie.  Then last night we went to church.  It was such a fun night!

The tables were gorgeous and the fellowship was even better.

We had such a great time!  And the stage in the fellowship hall was stunning.  I love Christmas time!

We had tickets at our table with numbers on them, for a chance to win several door prizes.  I usually never win anything, y'all, but I won last night!  I know there were some more elaborate gifts, but I'm not that fancy of a person, and I was thrilled with my gift!

A Yankee candle!  I love candles so much, and as much as I love this brand, I never buy them.  I could, I know, but I have a hard time spending so much money on something that I can buy for a fraction of the cost at Walmart.  {Have you tried the candles at Walmart?  You should!  They're amazing!}  But I love this.  It smells heavenly.  It's burning, as I write this.  I got up early this morning to send Alex home, and decided to watch a Christmas movie since the house was so quiet, and I lit the candle then.

After Tablescapes last night, my hubby and his friend Jeremy left for Nashville for two nights.  There is a technical conference going on, and that's what they'll be doing today and tomorrow.  They'll be back home tomorrow night.  I am thanking God that the weather wasn't bad last night, and that they didn't have to drive in rain the whole way there.  They were able to stay ahead of it and arrived at their hotel by midnight.

Well, that's been our week so far.  I am so excited to stay home today, and in my pajamas!  We have church tonight, but that is all.  I hope your day is wonderful!

Love to all.

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