Monday, November 2, 2015

Friday Favorites, Halloween edition (All on a Monday)

This is the greatest week of a kid's life, this week of Halloween.  I remember loving this time of year as a young girl, and my kids are no exception.

My favorites this week are mainly from Wednesday night at church.  It was Hollywood Night in the youth, and the costumes were amazing!

My sweet friend Missy and I were Lucy and Ethel from the candy factory episode.  We actually had a ton of candy in our mouths when someone took this, and I almost got sick.  I never want to see another Rolo as long as I live.  (She is definitely one of my favorites.)

Bethany Hamilton and the Shark from Soul Surfer.  (And yes, they won best ensemble.)

Charlie Brown!  I love these girls, they're more of my favorites.

Graham and Rachel, as Peggy Carter and Captain America.  :)

Jonah, Cole and Noah, as Thing 1, Cat in the Hat and Thing 2.

It was such a fun night!  It was definitely one of my favorite nights recently.

Yesterday, after a long day of school and a yummy dinner, Graham asked if we could have game night.  So for three hours after dinner, we sat at the table and played Tripoley.

It was so much fun, and definitely one of my favorite moments from the week!  I love that we sat and laughed and laughed and laughed together for so long after dinner.  (We're all trying to be on our phones/computers/watching Netflix less.)

On Friday night, all the kids were busy with their plans, so Todd and I went out for dinner.  We had Chinese food, then we went to Target so he could buy a mask.

Then we went to our church's fall festival to see the boys and so he could embarrass them.  Or me.  I finally got him to smile for my picture, though.  It was a fun night.

Well, this post took three days to write.

Love to all.

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