Wednesday, September 30, 2015

on the household stuff

Good morning!  I am dragging a tiny bit today, because I was up too late last night.  (Netflix problems.)  This seems to be the story of my life lately.

Yesterday was one of those days when I was in the kitchen all day.  I love days like that, when I make something yummy for lunch AND for dinner.  My kids love it, too.  I had gotten the ingredients to make homemade broccoli cheese soup the night before, so that was what was my plan for lunch.  When lunch with one friend got postponed until today, another dear friend came over and ate with us.  It was lovely, being able to catch up with each other.  Here is a picture from the blog where I got the recipe from:

The blog is called Life in Grace.  Here is a link, in case you're interested in the recipe.  It was delicious.

Also while in the kitchen, I made dinner for the family.  Last night was a bit crazy~two kids had to be at a rehearsal at our church, and my new Bible study started last night.  I was cooking dinner at four and eating by 4:45.  We had beer cheddar Joe's for dinner, and all you have to do is type that into Google and Mix-and-Match Mama, Shay Shull, will appear.  Make them.  They're delicious.  (My only addition to the recipe is that salt is needed at the end.  And my kids love a good dash of Texas Pete hot sauce.)

I've mentioned before that if you find beer in my fridge, this is why.  We don't drink it, but I cook with it.  I also use it for a roast recipe I sometimes make.

I love being in the kitchen~I love cooking, and I always have.  Being a homeschool mom helps.  I am home, so I might as well.  I do go through dry spells with the meals I make, like when it's eight hundred degrees in the summer months, but every other time of year, I love cooking.

One of the reasons I love being in my kitchen is because of my handy dandy little under-the-cabinet kitchen radio.  It looks exactly like this one pictured below.
Every single time I am in the kitchen, I have this turned on.  I listen while I do laundry, while I cook and do kitchen chores, I even sometimes keep it turned on while I'm in other parts of the house.  It's tiny, but the speakers are great.  I had another one of these ages ago, but I wore it out.  I told Todd one Christmas a few years ago that I needed him to buy me something electronic that year, and he was all over it.  He installed it the same day I opened it.  I literally keep it turned on more often than not.  To what station, you wonder?

To none other than K-Love.  It's positive and encouraging and uplifting, just like the advertisement says.  I love having praise music on.  Ask my kids~I am forever singing away, in my own little world, in the kitchen.  The station is different, depending on where you live.  If you're local to me, it's 94.9.  

Those are just a couple of reasons why I don't mind doing boring and mundane housework.  Anything to help that along, right?

Thanks for reading.  Love to all.

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