Monday, July 6, 2015

the weekend

After coming home from Street Reach on Friday, I was exhausted.  I took a three hour nap!  Well, after I started a giant load of laundry.  We ate a quick and easy dinner, after I cried for a bit, then met some friends at Powell Park, across the street from our neighborhood.  I love our little town!  And I love that in spite of all the rain we got on Friday, the fireworks were still happening.  This town spends a ton of money on them, apparently, and rain or not, the fireworks were on.

It felt amazing outside!  Because more rain was expected later, they started at about eight thirty.

The sky was beautiful on this night.  Our kids all ran around like crazy, while I sat glued to my chair.  (I was still tired.)  My friend Laurie and I attempted three pictures before being happy with one.  I love the photo bombers in the background.

The next day, I did a little bit of laundry and took about three naps.  Have I mentioned how draining Street Reach is?  I never realize it until I'm home.  We left our house at five and headed out to my mom's house for some ribs and fireworks.

It was delicious!

My nephew Tyler was there.  I love that picture of him and my mom.  He had put his hat on her head and I made them pose for me.  :)

It was a fun night.  Drew wanted to stop by his friend girl's house on the way home, so we stopped to say hi to them and came home and went to bed.

After church on Sunday, a lunch from Taco Bell and a quick nap, I drove the boys to meet my dad-in-love.  They're all spending a couple of nights over there this week, for Mimi's boy's camp.  I dropped them with him, and came home for community group.

It was a fun night, as usual!  I love these teenagers so much, it's a joy to spend each Sunday night with them.  I love our summer time community group, with the swimming.  It's fun watching how much they love one another.

It was a great, restful weekend.  I needed it, apparently.  Hope your week started off great!  Love to all.

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