Monday, June 15, 2015

the weekend

Last week was great, but we did not see Todd at all!  He spent every night at the church, helping with technical things, so when Friday night rolled around, we were ready for just a night at home with our family.  Well, until the boys got a better offer and they took off to swim and left us home alone.  We had a yummy dinner that I made, we made coffee and Todd caught up on all his favorite tv shows.  I finished the third book in the Yada Yada series that I've been reading and I made a library list of books that I would like to read.  :)

When the coffee from our coffee pot ran out, I made myself an iced coffee from our Kuerig.  It was so good and would give Starbucks a run for their money, when fixed the right way.

On Saturday we stayed home until about four, then we went to my mom's and step-dad's for dinner.

I love this picture of my mom with Drew.  I can't believe how tall he is, and every time I see him in comparison with someone else, it always surprises me.  His

God love him.

Sunday morning all of us went to church except for Graham.  He felt rotten and stayed home to let the medicine kick in, then he met us there in time for the main service.  After church we went to Costco for a few grocery items, ate lunch, then came home to unload what we'd bought.  Todd, Jonah, Noah and Alex stayed home for a bit, then Todd left, and Graham, Drew and I left for a two o'clock meeting at church.  I came back home for an hour, then we all left again at four thirty to canvass the neighborhoods for next week's backyard kids clubs that we're having Tuesday through Thursday nights.

It was hot!  I cheated and stayed in my car and let the teenagers walk.  I don't do outside things when it's this muggy outside.  I never seem to be able to breathe really well on these kinds of days.  We did this until five thirty when I had to leave to go get the pizza for community groups at six.

Then we just sat and went over our new study and visited until almost eight thirty.

I love these kids so much~they always make us laugh.

After this we took a friend home, brought one home and picked up the three that my friend had at her house.  (Are you crazy yet, reading about all that went on yesterday?!  I am.)  And the older boys had some friends come over to watch Netflix.

It was a great weekend.  All of which was very restful, until yesterday.  (I promise, we are usually never this busy!)  Today I got up and took Graham to the doctor and we're the only two here.  Everyone else is either at a friend's house or at the church.  I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Love to all.

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