Monday, June 22, 2015

a little weekend?

Goodness gracious.  I do love a good weekend!  This was one of those.

Firstly, I have not spent time with my best friend in a few weeks, so we made plans for Friday night.  We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant, which is where we usually eat, and I discovered that Graham had my credit card in his wallet.  Thankfully I had cash for once, and had enough to pay for my dinner.  The last several times Mandy and I have gone out, we've started with dinner and ended at Target.  Friday night was the same.  I had to get hair stuff and couple of different makeup products.  And a new coffee mug!

I love coffee mugs.  I really, really love this one, with the turquoise.  My favorite color!  It was $4.99.

On Saturday, my mom and I went out.  She needed to make a couple of stops and I just tagged along.  We had lunch at Panera Bread Company and planned our dream trip we're going to take together.  We both really, really want to go to England, and she is who I want to go with.  We are so similar!  We just get along really well, but our personalities are the same.  She is always willing to make stops when I need to, and I am willing to do that for her.  We also have similar interests.  We decided that we would be the perfect travel buddies for this trip.

Now all we need is the money to do so.

When I got home, I put on my pajamas and stayed that way for the rest of the day.  Jonah and Noah had a birthday party to go to and Drew went out with his friend, and his friend girl and another girl.  Todd, Graham and I enjoyed Taco Bell for dinner and watched American Sniper.

On Sunday after church, we went to Abner's for lunch with my in-love's, my mom and my stepdad.  (I celebrated with my dad on Friday.)  It was a good lunch and I managed to get a really good picture.

I love these guys so much!  Todd ended up working with the sheriff's department last night, while Noah went to Mississippi with our neighbor Alex, Jonah went to his friend Cole's house and the rest of us went to community group.  I love Sunday nights so much!  I am always so thankful for my friends who help me out with Jonah and Noah on the nights when Todd works.

It was a great weekend!  I hope yours was too.  Love to all.

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