Thursday, March 5, 2015

a teaser

So....I have been looking through pictures all morning on the computer.  I have a very exciting announcement!  But I'm not telling you yet.  Stay tuned the next few days~can't wait to share with you!

In the meantime, was last night the Great Snowpocalypse of 2015 or what?

Our little town shuts down when this happens, y'all.  It's funny.  And guess what?  We actually ran out of bread and Todd and Drew had to make a Kroger run.  Only, they were out too!  Well, almost.  Drew snagged the last bag they had on the shelves.

Enjoy your snow day!  Love to all.

P.s. Skippy says hi.  And look how much my cross collection has grown!  I love this wall.

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