Thursday, March 26, 2015

a little bit of life and some other random things

This week has been really fast and more than a little strange.  I don't really know why.  We've been trying to get back into the swing of things and get started back up with school work.  We've also left home a little bit more than I like, which always throws our days off.  Monday was for groceries and errands, Tuesday was for Costco and taking Andy to the vet and yesterday was this:

It has been beautiful this week!  Jonah woke up and asked if we could do a little bit of school work at the park.  I couldn't say no to him.  They packed some things to do and I made us a picnic out of some healthy snack things, and we took off.  They hung around in the hammocks and I read the Bible.  Well.  I tried to, but I kept being distracted.  Sometimes I am very easily distracted.

I look forward to Wednesday nights so much!  I've decided to hang around in the youth area indefinitely.  Our church is in the process of looking for a youth pastor, and I thought extra eyes and hands might be needed.  And my boys don't care~I asked them to make sure and assured them that I wasn't there to hover around them, that I wanted them to pretend I wasn't there.  Last night was a little crazy, though, and my friend was dressed up like a piece of artwork.

I dubbed her Mona Abbey on Instagram.  She's awesome like that.  It was Trivia Crack night for the youth and all the leaders were dressed up like their categories.  (I would tell you more, but I don't play the game.)

After church some of the youth went to Chick Fil A, and I took Jonah, Noah and Alex for milkshakes.  I can't get used to seeing this:

I was NOT stalking him.  I was not.  It was purely accidental.  I promise.  He loves having a taste of freedom!  And until he proves otherwise, we are giving him some.  He's been super responsible so far and has done everything we've asked.  I'm proud of him.

How has your week been?

Love to all.

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