Wednesday, January 14, 2015

midweek stuff

Yesterday was a really good day, because we left the house!  ;)  Graham and Drew needed haircuts, so we did that and then I picked up Taco Bell for lunch to bring home.  It's strange to me, that Jonah and Noah are old enough to stay home alone.  They really did not want to go with us, so I left them home, with the promise to text me if they needed me.  My 'babies' are all grown up.


I got some housework done while the boys did school work and filled in a page of my journaling Bible.

I love all the reminders of who God is to me (and you) in Psalm ninety-one.  I was praying for a sweet, sweet friend of mine yesterday and I encouraged her to read that chapter in Psalm.  Then I read it for myself.
 I was missing my best friend and texted her.  I was going to send her a picture of myself that I took, because sometimes we do that, but I changed my mind.

I was freezing, all the livelong day yesterday and wore this crazy huge scarf around the house.  It wasn't that it was so cold, but it was really windy and the sun was in hiding again.  My hands were so cold that I thought surely I must be having circulation problems.  :/

Anyway.  Todd came home and saved the day.  Thanks to Jonah.

He requested the fire for last night.  However, the boys and I all left and went to church for our monthly church visitation (and free dinner).  Don't think I go door to door~I don't.  But I do use the time to reach out to my girls by letter to let them know I am thinking of them and that I love them and am always praying for them.  I even took my own stationary and fun colored pens with me and shared them with a friend.

When we got home, I finished the second of two books I had been reading.

This book is Feather From My Nest, by Beth Moore.  I took a picture of the page I was reading because I love what she said here~that "her thirst for God began with desperation but developed into delight.  Just like her mother's did.  And just as it did for ten thousands of others who have been captured by the healing heart of God."  Her words, not mine.  If you haven't read that book, read it!  It is deliciously good and chock full of mothering advice.

Today has been a great day, as well.  The boys finished the majority of their school work today, leaving just a couple more subjects for Friday morning.  Tomorrow is our homeschool group day and I am so excited!  I completed my homework for that today, repainted my fingernails and started another really good book.  More on that later.

We are ending today with church tonight and me about to camp out and catch up on one of my shows.  I started back to our chronological Bible study class tonight.  It is so good to be back in church on Wednesday night, and in a Bible study class.  I adore the teacher.  She is one of THE most anointed teachers I have ever had the privilege of sitting under.  I'm telling you, I adore her.

I hope your week has been good!  We're on the downhill slide now.  :)  Love to all.

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