Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's Friday again!  This week has really gone by fast because of Monday being a holiday.  It's funny how one tiny day can throw you off for the entire week.  I kept waking up in the middle of the night (last night) thinking it would be Saturday when I woke up.  When I remembered that wasn't the case, I decided I had better go ahead and get up and shower.  It's dreary here today, and that always makes it that much more difficult to get out of bed.

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Monday was at the top of my list of favorite moments from this week.  Last summer the youth at our church and some awesome leaders took a one week trip into the inner city of Memphis to love on some needy kids.  This is called Street Reach.  We had Bible clubs with them each day, in different areas near where they lived.  This is put on each summer by an organization called Brinkley Heights Urban Academy.  It's a private school for kids in one of the worst areas in Memphis.  My boys made some really sweet friendships with these kids and they ask periodically, if we can go see them.  Since Monday was a school holiday, we decided to take that afternoon to do just that.  Graham had the idea that we should take them lunch.  They devoured it and then they had fun playing games with them.

We took some extra teenagers with us.  :)

The downside to this favorite from this week was that Graham lost my credit card.  He either left it at Walgreens or it fell out of his pocket, so that's been a bit inconvenient this week.


You know my love of OPI nailpolish, right?  I have a lot of bottles in my downstairs bathroom vanity.  I have this one huge box full of polishes and in the box are clippers, cotton circles to remove the polish and nearby is the bottle of polish remover.  I don't even feel bad for my love of this~because even though I have so many bottles to choose from, I use them all!  My friend was over here one day looking through them all, and I was making her laugh because I knew all the names of them.  I seriously use all of them and I polish my nails every couple of days.  I get tired of a color quickly and am always ready for a change.  On my toes, I will let a color stay on there for two weeks at the most.  Usually it's not that long, though, until I am redoing them as well.  It's a thing I do and it's almost therapeutic to me.  And it's not expensive, since I already own all the bottles!  :)  I might go buy a couple more this weekend, though~I just found out that Target has a buy 2 get 1 free deal on their Essie polishes.  Sometimes I buy something other than OPI.

The color pictured above is what I had on my toes and fingers (but I changed my fingernails Wednesday afternoon), Jade Is The New Black.


On Tuesday, Jonah cleaned off the deck in our backyard and had the bright idea that we should eat dinner outside.

How often does one get to dine on the patio in January?  Not often!  We have loved the weather this week!  It's been sunny and warmer, so the boys have taken advantage of that by being outside every waking moment.  The warmer days have ended, though and yesterday it was back to being dreary and cold.  Not that I mind, because it IS winter.  I love dressing for cold weather, and at night, I love being in my pajama pants, hoodie sweatshirt and drinking a hot cup of coffee while I sit and watch television with Toddley.


Speaking of coffee, we are such coffee snobs.  We have gone back and forth with the thought that we would like to buy a Keurig.  But because of its price, we never can really justify spending all that money on it when we can make a full pot at one time.  We don't buy grocery store coffee, either.  About a year or two ago, we found some really great tasting coffee at Costco.  It's a brand called Don Pablo.  It comes in a two pound bag of whole beans and we grind them before we leave Costco.  It is delicious!  And the price isn't too terribly bad.  We pay about $10 a bag and it lasts a couple of weeks.

This week we've been drinking it at night, too, so it might not last as long this time around.


Last night I registered myself for an upcoming leadership conference in Dallas, Texas!  I am so excited for this~it's on a Monday and Tuesday in April, and I am going with some really fun people from my church, who also happen to be among some of my favorites of all time.  :)  I cannot wait!  It'll be a whirlwind trip, but how much fun will it be to take this quick road trip with like minded people?!

I am going to another conference next weekend with some of the same people that I'm excited about too.  Apparently this is going to be a thing with me this year, too.  There's one more that I would love to go to in Denver~the Women of Faith one~but I don't think that one's quite feasible.  Denver sounds good because I would get to see my sisters.

That just about wraps up my week!  I might have a product review for next week~I found a new line of hair stuff that I'm going to buy this weekend.  My hair is not the normal kind of hair, and because of the curls, certain products stop working eventually.  I found something organic that I am going to purchase tonight.  Tonight because I need my husband's debit card.  Hopefully I will love it.

Thanks for reading!  And for the few who have left comment love lately!  Love to all.

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